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January, February, May, December 2005

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January 2005

 Sunday PM January 2, 2005

It has been interesting...I have been working very hard over the last couple of weeks on a seemingly endless *To Do* list. Now I am spread out into 3 different spaces... 4 if you count the two rooms in the former apartment and 5 if you want to point out that I stitch in the living room, in front of the TV *VBG*... I spend a lot of time walking from space to space, yet I feel that my efficiency has been greatly increased. Tonight I was packing the large shipping case that will be shipped to the Long Beach show. I had the case laid out on the floor in the Paint Studio. I had assembled and sorted all the stuff that need to go into it on the cutting table in the quilt studio. Once I was ready to pack it, it took about 5 minutes.  ;-)

I am stitching the Pearl Jubilee Shady Lady and I'm getting pretty excited about her. She will be a Limited Edition and will be available ONLY from now until October 2006, in honor of the TNNA Pearl Jubilee...

I still have LOTS to do between now and TNNA/Long Beach and Nashville...whew! Jeffrey gave me a copy of the latest Dean Koontz and I decided to save it as a reward...for *after Nashville* so I can take a day off and just read...I can hardly wait!

Happy New Year!

February 2005

Thursday February 11, 2005

I'm just going to write briefly tonight. The January TNNA Show was a success and my new painted canvas designs were well received. The Chatelaine Clasps did VERY well also. I already have several shops signed up for their own exclusive versions. *VBG* Once I get back from the Nashville Show, I'll try to get all of the new stuff up on the site.

Meanwhile, take a peek at the Four Seasons design. I am really happy with it.

Four Seasons Cross Stitch Design

Click HERE to see a bigger version!

I'll be introducing it at Nashville!

Have a safe and happy Friday!

Tuesday PM February 15, 2005

I'm back from Nashville and raring to go! I've been assembling a *To Do* list for *After Nashville* since last June. When you are a tiny company, your world revolves around what has to happen for each Trade Show....my problem arises from having too many design ideas and too many projects!

I'm starting work on 3 new books and trying to juggle when they will be able to be released and when they SHOULD be released for maximum effectiveness...

I also have a LONG list of *Things to do for Tink* including fun stuff such as finishing a new Kimono silk patchwork jacket and not so fun things like clean out my closet. ;-)

Have a safe and happy Wednesday!
Thursday AM February 24, 2005

I'm fighting off a cold and thus also fighting inertia. ;-(

I finally broke down and tried taking cold medicine, so please keep your fingers crossed that I'll feel better.

I am a recent devotee of *Project Runway* and BOY does it bring back memories of my Design School experiences, both my BALS and my MFA...but I couldn't tear my eyes away! LOL

I'm getting back into the swing of canvas painting  and I am already working on the new designs for Columbus. My chatelaine clasps were a success at both Long Beach and Nashville and I'm enjoying assembling them in the evenings...I have added matching cell phone antenna charms to the list. *VBG* Am I outta control here or what?!?

Have a safe and happy rest of Thursday!
May 2005

May 10, 2005 PM

Life has gotten very exciting in the last few months...leading to my silence here. Many apologies for my neglect!

I have been working hard at a number of endeavors. ;-)

I have a new book that was published by Jeanette Crews Designs called Diva Dreams. It is one of the first in their Extreme Embellishment series! I was told today that they have ordered a second printing... Here is a link if ya wanna take a look!


I had a ball working on this project...talk about being creative and letting go! LOLOL

Friday May 20, 2005 AM

I have been working VERY hard and am pleased to announce...Alphabets Wild and Wonderful (lavender) will be introduced at the Columbus NeedleArts Market in June! *VBG*

Right now, we are dodging T'storms...Jeffrey is waiting for the weather to pass so he can get the Alphabet designs set-up in their templates for me. Once he has done that, I'll do the page layout in preparation for getting it to the printer next week...

And...in the yard, the Peonies (my favorite) have just started blooming! We have a Robin nesting in the Wisteria on the front porch and the grass needs mowed again, but it is too wet to do it today! ;-)

Have a safe and happy Friday!
Thursday PM May 26, 2005

I discovered this morning that I was short 2 alphabets for Alphabets Wild and Wonderful ;-(

I ended up designing 4 more (upper and lower case in 2 sizes) and got the pages laid out. I'll put together the mock up tomorrow AM (after I've had some sleep), and Jeffrey will deliver it to the printer in the afternoon! YIPPEEE!!!!!

I'm working on some new painted canvas designs, as well as class materials for the class I'm teaching at the trade show... this weekend is shaping up to be a busy one! *VBG*

Holiday? What holiday? LOL

Have a safe and happy Friday and Memorial Day Weekend!
Tuesday AM May 31, 2005

I always think of today (the day after Memorial Day) as the first REAL day of summer...so...Happy Summer!

Jeffrey and I had a busy (work-related) weekend. He was off from his summer job as a tour guide at a local historic home. He ended up with 3 and a half days off in a row! I was working on a new project of Jeanette Crews Designs (sorry, but it is a secret LOL) and we needed to get the models made. We tag teamed on it all, but were hampered by having only one sewing machine here at home.

On Sunday afternoon, we took a break and went to the local Flea Market. I had been saying that I wanted a mocha colored Singer 301. I had recently found out about them and was watching auctions on eBay. We went to the Flea Market and found about 6 machines, but none of them was a 301. On the second half of the LAST aisle, we split up and low and behold, I see what might be a sewing machine cabinet...sure enough, it holds a mocha colored 1952 Singer 301!!!!! ... and at a good price! LOLOL

She is now set-up in the quilt studio, I needed to order some accessories, and I'm waiting for a new bobbin case to arrive. We got her set-up and ran her a bit and she runs like a dream. Once the bobbin case arrives, I'll be able to start working on my machine quilting skills. Also, after the Columbus Needlework Market, I'll have LOTS of sewing to do for some other JCD projects and having 2 machine will be very useful!

Have a safe and happy Tink's first day of summer!

December 2005

Saturday, PM December 17, 2005

TA DA!!!!!!! Here is the new TD-DN web site!  I have made extensive changes to the Quilt section of the site and I have also started to offer Online Workshops. I am initially offering Professional Development Workshops for the NW and Quilting industries, but plan to add Skill Development Workshops for Stitchers and Quilters down the road.

If you want to browse thru the new site, there is a vertical navigation bar on the left, below the Stocking pictures. ;-)

Although I am busily stitching the new Shady Lady, I have also been stealing time to do some simple pieced quilts as *Tink* projects. Jeffrey is busy at work on some INCREDIBLE and DRAMATIC new Reverse Reveal designs that will be debuting at Consumer Quilt Shows early next year.

I will be starting a Yahoo Group for the Reverse Reveal Technique. I will probably wait until after the Holidays to do so, unless any of you email me and request it earlier. ;-)

I will also be back on a regular posting schedule here with my Studio Notes. I have really missed talking to y'all. I find it very grounding to end my day with a post.

Have a safe and happy weekend!
Sunday PM, December 18, 2005

I have been getting a VERY positive reaction to my Retailers Workshops and have already had to schedule a second section for Needlework Retailers, to accommodate Trade Show schedules. With an attendance limit of 10, I'm getting a bit worried... Yikes! Who'da thunk?

I am working on my newest Shady Lady, *You've got a Friend* and have vowed that I won't go to bed tonight until I get this section stitched. I am listening to a good recorded book and enjoying it as well. ;-)

I've been working on a Tech Editing and Tech Illustration job... and am 'splaining how to do a mitered order on an Octagonal Quilt... My tag line is *No math, Just measure!*

No snow here...sigh... I'm afraid that buying new snow boots this season might have jinxed us badly!

Have a safe and happy Monday!
Tuesday AM, December 20, 2005

It is BRIGHT and EARLY on Tuesday AM... I was up at 6AM... what is WRONG with this picture?!?

I am getting to work right now. Jeffrey (who has turned into an early riser in the last year) is at the Shop putting the last stitching in on the Oriental (we need a name for it) lap quilt.

He will be back at 11AM so we can do errands... I need to finish up shopping for my family so I can get things shipped today. We are going to the library and the new Quilt Shop.

I have a design for another Wallhanging pattern and I need fabric so we can get it made over the Holidays.

The plan is to test market these new Reverse Reveal designs at the Mancuso Quilt Shows early in 2006. I'll let you know as we firm up the plans.

The Quilt Shop is new and small, but VERY nice. They also have gifts and seasonal items. I bought some BEAUTIFUL decorations for the very small tree we put up this year. ;-)

It is called Coffee House Fabrics and it is Richmond, KY on the bypass. Jeffrey and I call it *Coffee, Tea, or Me* LOLOL

Have a safe and happy Tuesday!
Thursday 1:30 AM, December 22, 2005

WHEW! I just took the LAST stitches on the newest Shady Lady, *You've got a Friend*. I was ABSOLUTELY determined to get her stitched before I went to bed! My eyes are crossed so I'm not going to write any more tonight. I am a LOUSY typist even in the best of circumstances. ;-)

Jeffrey will photograph her tomorrow, in the morning or early afternoon and I'll put her picture up so y'all can see her. *Very Big Grin*

Everybody else has gone to bed. Guido stayed up the longest... waiting for me. I guess he felt obligated since he IS MY dog!

Night, night... check back later on today and see the pictures. She looks pretty darn good!


Talk atcha later!

Thursday 3:45 PM, December 22, 2005

Ok... I am posting this picture about 5 hours later than I had hoped, but poor Jeffrey spend the morning and early part of the afternoon at the van dealership, getting it all checked out. The good news... it is in pretty good shape. The better news... it didn't cost as much as it would have if there had been bad news! LOL How is that for a *the cup is half full* kind of assessment!

Here is the the newest Shady Lady, *You've got a Friend*.

The picture is lower down on the HOME page. I don't have my notes but her stole was stitched in Kreinik 1/16 ribbon in color 092. I don't remember what the name of the color is (I'll look it up and put it in my next post) but it is almost hypnotically beautiful to stitch with!


Have a safe and happy rest of Thursday!
Friday 9:30 PM, December 23, 2005

Have I mentioned lately how very much I LOVE living in the 21st century?

It is Friday night and I am sitting at my desk, tech editing someone else's Quilt book ('splaining how to put mitered borders on an Octagonal Quilt. YIKES!). I am switching back and forth between my drawing program and word processing program, while using my computer to listen to classic American Blues on a radio station out of Seoul, Republic of Korea. (Seventh Son by Willie Mabon is the current selection. *smile*)

DH/Jeffrey (Bless his baby heart!) is in the living room working on a Lap Quilt for one of my new Reverse Reveal Raw Edge quilt designs. It is going to be GORGEOUS, but we need to get it and another piece finished ASAP because they may be displayed in the CHA show in early February. With shipping deadlines, etc, they need to be ready ASAP!

Deadlines! Ya gotta LOVE them! And being self-employed! *Very Big Grin*

We are going to take a break shortly and head out to get the final things for our Holiday dinner...

Have a safe and happy Saturday!
Saturday 6:30AM, December 24, 2005

It is early and still dark outside. I am back at work, but keeping my spirits up by watching another workaholic. I am following Santa on his busiest day of the year


Have a safe and happy Saturday!
Saturday 1:20AM, December 31, 2005

We had a great time this year and my Mom is here visiting... I am getting ready to go to bed, but I will post about Guido and the cheese later this weekend. ;-)

Best wishes for a safe and happy New Year!

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