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January, February 2000

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Friday Afternoon, January 6, 2006
(As I promised a while ago *smile*)

Guido and the Cheese....

Guido, large brindle English Mastiff.... quick, agile, and motivated.... previously nicknamed *Dairy Dog* (after the stick of butter incident)

Christmas Day... 15 minutes after noon.... guests were due at noon.... Jeffrey (the cook) is starting to prepare the appetizers.

Has 2 kinds of cheese on the counter... one of them being a HUGE block of Baby Swiss... (think pregnant grapefruit)

Jeffrey steps away to get a knife... I see a sudden flash of movement out of the corner of my eye... I shout, Jeffrey whirls... he starts yelling obscenities (creative ones) ... I dash out of the kitchen to see Guido rushing down the hall into the living room.

I ask Jeffrey what happened... Jeffrey splains (colorfully) that the BIG block of Baby Swiss is GONE!

I follow Guido and he has wolfed it down... I retreat back to the kitchen to ask Jeffrey what I can do to help...

I tuck my dismembered head under my arm (Guido is MY dog... and this is clearly MY fault ... sigh) and head back to the front of the house, to find Guido under my desk puking up great gobs of cheese. I shout to Jeffrey and chase Guido away. Guido goes under the table in the living room and parts with a tennis size chunk of cheese... We manage to clean up the mess under my desk but Guido recycles the cheese tennis ball before we can get it away from him...

So.... how was YOUR Christmas. ;-)

Friday AM, January 6, 2006

Good morning everybody! I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Holiday Season!

This is a quick post today... I am making some corrections to the website and need to get to work!

I have been VERY hard at work on my first Online Workshop for Needlework and Quilt Retailers. I am VERY excited about it, and Jeffrey/DH (who has been pressed into service as a proofreader) is pretty excited as well... always a good sign. *smile*

The subject of this first Workshop is: Harnessing the Power of Google AdWords. I am taking a pretty innovative approach and part the focus is to bring out of town visitors to the brick and mortar shops.

Rather than than participating in the current concept of *Internet Marketing* we will be *Marketing ON the Internet*.

YIKES! I just looked at the clock! I need to get moving!

Have a safe and happy Friday!

Friday Afternoon, January 20, 2006

Just call me *Gimpy*

What can I say... I am a former dancer and they are known for their clumsiness...

My new best friend is a soft cast/boot named *Buddy* strapped onto my left ankle. I slipped on the stairs last week and managed two serious sprains PLUS a fracture to my left ankle...sigh...

My mom, who is here for a visit is keeping VERY busy taking care of me.

I am bouncing between the computer on my desk and sitting on the bed with my foot propped on pillows. Thank goodness for laptops and networked computers! (Guido is in constant attendance. *Very Big Grin*)

The first of my Online Workshops for Retailers is just starting and I am REALLY looking forward to it.

Have a safe and happy weekend!
Sunday PM, January 22, 2006

I have spent the last two days with my foot propped on pillows in bed. Other than the fact that I am going crazy, things are fine. Thank goodness for lap tops so I can get SOME work done (but the laptop screen and memory aren't good enough for some of the graphics I need to be doing...sigh....)

Still, I could have broken my right wrist and then I REALLY would have been in a *World of Hurt* some no complaining from me!

Have a safe and happy Monday!
Friday  AM February 17, 2006

I am *officially* out of Buddy the Boot after 4 weeks. I'm sleeping in Buddy the Boot for a while, just because Guido likes to rest his head on my feet and I need the protection. ;-0

I am wearing a light weight brace for for 6 weeks. All in all, I'm pretty happy about how the whole things has gone. Certainly it could have been a real mess!

We are still waiting for a decent snow here in Central Ky... I have all appendages crossed! They are predicting a bit of snow this weekend... I SOOOO want to get snowed in!

Have a safe and happy weekend!
Wednesday AM, April 12, 2006

I am working very hard on my newest project. It is a book called *Monograms, Mayhem, & More for Needlework - How to Design with Alphabets and Wordforms*. It is a *How To* on designing Monograms and more, and has a LOT of examples using the Alphabets in my NW Alphabet books! Among other things, I will be covering how to chart out the name for a stocking and even an entire sentence.

These techniques will work with any charted alphabets and will appeal to both NPers and Cross Stitchers (especially anyone who already has my Alphabet books *smile*)

I will be introducing *M,M,&M for NW* at the TNNA Show in June, but I am going to try a little experiment and post some of it online... so you can have little taste of it BEFORE the show!

That gives you time to tell your LNS that you NEED the book!

I won't have anything ready for a couple of weeks, but start looking in May!

Have a safe and happy Wednesday!

Wednesday Lunchtime, April 19, 2006

Things have been pretty busy here and I am happy to report
 *M,M,&M for NW* is going well! I am getting more and more excited it about it as I write. Not only does it teach how to design using letters, it is also covering some basic design principles as well as some of my Tips and Tricks!

Also, I have been stealing work away from NW and you can see the results at my new blog,
TheArmchairChef. I decided that I needed an interest that was different from NW and Quilting. Much tho I love them, I REALLY needed to get away a bit! ;-)

Please feel free to comment, email me (either there OR here), and if you have any good recipes, please to share. I'll  post them with your name!

Have a safe and happy Wednesday!


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