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March 2003

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Sunday March 30, 2003

Jeffrey and I went over to see Susan and Walt tonight and they reviewed the Following the Thread paperwork. Walt was entirely out of the loop so he was seeing it all with fresh eyes and had some very good questions.

I got the laser printer up and playing well with the new computer. I think that it was the last piece of hardware. ;-)

Jeffrey loaded his game last night and played it for the first time. He was wowed by the graphics and speed. I guess we know where his priorities lie! LOL

I'm going to do one last bit on Following the Thread and then off to bed. We are having a cold night tonight, about freezing according to our talking thermometer...great for scaring houseguests. We have the heat on downstairs but not on upstairs. However, Guido, the bed dog, generates a LOT of warmth at 180lbs+ (and takes up a LOT of room!) *VBG*

Have a happy Monday!
Saturday March 29, 2003

I spent most of today surfing the web, researching some stuff I needed to figure out for Following the Thread. I think I did pretty well, but need to sit down and review all that I printed out. I LOVE the www!

Jeffrey worked miracles cleaning out the basement. Guido supervised and Mams'elle stayed upstairs with me. She hates work and so spends most of her time with me, since what I do doesn't count as work!

It has gotten chilly and damp. We're expecting one more blast of winter and Jeffrey's precious Lilacs are going to be sorry, I'm afraid. (He has been known to stand in the front yard and shout at them *Bloom, bloom!*...I just pretend I've never seen him before in my life.)

The forsythia is blooming and the Mysteria (what we call Wisteria, since it took years before it finally flowered) is starting to come green.

No sign of the bird, so I think he did fly out the front door, last night. Whew! LOL

Have a happy Sunday!

Friday March 28, 2003 PM

Remember the bird? The one that disappeared much earlier this week? The one that I think Jeffrey thought was just my imagination? That bird? Well, he, or one very much like him, seems to have been hiding out in the front room upstairs. The front room, in our charming 100 (almost) year old house which has the potential to be one of the prettiest, with it's 3 panel window with lattice detail. I say has the potential because we refer to it as *Warehouse North* and, I'm sorry to say, with no trace of irony. *Warehouse North* is pretty much stacked shoulder high with much of the TB-DN trade show *stuff*...providing many places for a creature to hide, unnoticed for the better part of a week.

The good news... most of the TB-DN trade show *stuff* is in boxes and is undamaged. The better news...the bird survived and we managed to chase it down the stairs and out the front door after Jeffrey got home at dinner.

Under *fun facts to know and tell*, I received a flyer this week from Just Another Button Company. They are a wholesale company and from now thru December, they are going to donate 10% of the receipts for sales of their button designs based on the US flag to the USO. This would be based on the wholesale price, but could be worth remembering when in search of Stash at your LNS . *VBG*

I've been working hard this week and Following the Thread is starting to come together, so I think I'll take a break tonight and watch the Series premier of *Tremors, the Series*, being the intellectual type that I am! LOLOL

Have a happy Saturday!


Thursday March 27, 2003 PM

The executive staff of TB-DN (Tink and Jeffrey) had a business conference tonight, over dinner at Sunny's B-B-Q. We do it fairly regularly. They put us in a 4 person booth so that I can spread my stacks of papers around. LOL The junior staff (Mams'elle and Guido) had dinner at home.

I had a triumph over Corel Draw just now. I managed to create a needle with a hole for its eye! I'm using it for a logo version for Following the Thread. I wanted to be able to see the background thru the eye of the needle. I get a real feeling of accomplishment for this. Just call me a cheap date.

Well, I'm pretty tired so I think I'll cut it short tonight. I can't believe it's the end of the week already. Where has the time gone? I think I'll try to take a break and work on Mom's surprise this weekend.

Have a safe and happy Friday! Goodbye from the land of Corel needles with eyes! LOL


Wednesday March 26, 2003 PM

FP2002 arrived today, so I'm having a MUCH easier time posting tonight! *VBG*

My friend. Susan called today. When her son and his wife are out of town, she takes care of their cats (2) and fish (1). There had been a couple of weeks since their last trip when she hadn't been to their apartment. Meanwhile, she didn't get to their place for a day or two into this most recent trip, and arrived very worried that everyone be OK. Well the cats were fine, but the fish was looking pale *sort of a funny color* as Susan said. Still, he seemed perky so she decided just to keep an eye on him. Well after a couple of trips to feed everybody, the fish was still looking funny so Susan broke down and phoned her son.

She told him that she was afraid the goldfish was dying..it was kind of blotchy and its eyes were a funny color. There was a long pause and then her son carefully described the goldfish's markings and eye color. Astounded, Susan said that was exactly what he looked like...whereupon, her devoted son said *Mom, its an Albino, it's supposed to look like that. It's a different fish from the one we had before.* LOLOL

I worked on the next section of Following the Thread tonight and sent a copy to my sister, the MBA, for her perusal in the morning. Email is so efficient!

On that note, I'll close...Goodbye from the land of the missing bird, the large dogs and the new and, so far, happy computer!


Wednesday March 26, 2003 AM

I'm getting a pretty late start this AM. Jeffrey was using the computer last night. I didn't want to bounce him off AND I lacked the energy to tackle HTML....I WANT my WYSIWYG!!!!

I also was naughty and read the latest Jack Reacher novel by Lee Shild. I just couldn't put it down. I don't do this kind of thing very often, and I HAD gotten a lot of work done yesterday. So.....

The missing bird from Monday still hasn't appeared. I don't even want to think about it! I hope he flew out while I was chasing down his cohort...sigh...

My computer guru is due to finish the last of the work on the new computer today, so keep your fingers crossed. I'm developing an organized Backup strategy, now that I have the (working) technology. All in all, it could have been a LOT worse.

Keep your fingers crossed that the new copy of FP2002 arrives SOON!!!!! Jeffrey checked and it has been shipped, so I'm optimistic. I want MY WYSIWYG. *VBG*

OMG! UPS just delivered it! Talk about timing! LOL I'm going to install it right away. WHEW! This will make things ever so much easier!

Happy Wednesday, y'all!

Monday March 24, 2003 PM

I'd have to describe today as a pretty productive day. I worked on the *Following the Thread* paperwork. It is almost done! *VBG* I discovered that all of my Tink Boord-Dill Needlework logos were lost in the crash, but I'm getting pretty good with Corel PhotoPaint and I was able to recreate them, along with the rest of the *Following the Thread* graphics. I went ahead and designed a *Cross Stitch* version of the *FtheT* logo that I think/hope will look good on a mug.

I've been copying out the lessons for one of the HP classes I'm currently taking. I'm taking about 5, this time. What great info!

The missing bird from this morning still hasn't appeared. I'm hoping he escaped, but I doubt it. I'm sure he'll appear at an inconvenient time! ;-)

I'm waiting to hear back from a designer friend, the first to find out about *FtheT*...hint...she is tall with green scales! LOL I'll email the most recent versions of stuff to my sister, the MBA, in the morning. I'm starting to get REALLY excited about this!

Keep your fingers crossed that then new copy of FP2002 arrives SOON!!!!! Have a safe and happy Tuesday, y'all!

Monday March 24, 2003 AM

This morning I spotted the first two birdies of Spring....dive bombing me in bed...sigh.... We have an old house, with countless ways for various flora and fauna to gain entrance. The good news is that the dogs had come back to bed and didn't wake up. The not so good news is that I spent the last 20 minutes corralling the little guys, during which, one of them disappeared somewhere upstairs. Now I just have to wait for him to show himself, close off all of the rooms, lure the dogs into a safe place and convince said small winged creature into flying down the stairs (no easy task) and out the open front door! Happy Spring! LOLOL

On the VERY bright side, I HAD backed up the new Alphabet book on Wednesday (the last thing I did before leaving to meet Susan for lunch) AND the back up was good. I had left for lunch in the middle of running back-ups and while I was at lunch Jeffrey tried the external Zip and the computer died. I hadn't been sure 1) exactly what I had already backed up and 2) whether the backups were good. ;-)

Last night I re-created almost all of the *Following the Thread* graphics and today, I'll re-do the written stuff, with the hard copies I had given to Susan as my references. I made her keep copies, just in case! *VBG*

I can't WAIT 'til the new copy of FP arrives and I can go back to WYSIWYG for my daily postings....MUCH less stressful!

Meanwhile, please be patient with my various typos and mistakes...No sign of the missing bird, so I'll get to work. Have a GREAT Monday, y'all!

Sunday March 23, 2003 AM

Well, If it isn't one thing, it's another...yesterday at about 3PM (when I was still dealing with *new computer* issues) my trackball died! Can you believe it?LOLOL Soooooo, in addition to everything else I now have a new trackball...sigh...

Things are going pretty smoothly otherwise, except that I discovered yesterday that ALL of the work on the new Alphabet book is gone. I'll try to get organized and start it again. I had over 10 Alphabets finished and work started on another 15-20, representing about 20-30% of the book. I'd tell everyone to be vigilant about backing up data, except we all know that part of the reason the other computer was being replaced was because the CD-RW was defective. Anyway, the new one works and I'm organizing an entire backup strategy! I'll probably end up awash in CDs! ;-)

Meanwhile, I have to re-do ALL of the *Following the Thread* graphics. I had already designed them, so I'm just recreating them. Tedious...but it could be worse. My friend, Susan, has copied the *Following the Thread* paperwork I had given her Wednesday, so I just have to type in the changes, again, not bad except for my terrible typing. *VBG*

Jeffrey has ordered a copy of FP 2002 so I should be able to use it in a couple of days, so I beg of you, please be patient while I stumble along with this HTML editor.

I'll end here, since I'm fast losing patience with the abovementioned HTML editor. I'll write more when I get the new FP 2002 installed! ;-)

Friday March 21, 2003

Happy Spring! We still haven't gotten snowed in and even I, the eternal optimist am about to concede that it won't be happening this year. (Actually, this is all a secret plot on my part to *tempt the fates* in the hope that it will happen before the end of the month)

It has been an exciting several days...sigh....the old (in the process of being replaced) computer died while I was at lunch with Susan...sigh again.....

Finally, after many trials, I have the new computer up and running *VBG* but I'm still trying to figure out what all is gone. FP2002, our web page program, is toast, so I'm using just an HTML editor tonight...not my strong suit, believe me! We'll decide tomorrow what to so. I hate to spend the $$ on FP2002 when FP2003 will be released shortly. I was going to start learning DreamWeaver MX which I'll be needing for lots of the *Following the Thread* stuff I'll be doing but I wasn't planning on doing it this quickly! I feel like a little kid who has reluctanlty agreed to learn to swim only to find herself going off of the high diving board immediately after!

I do have the Dual monitors, and they are taking SOME of the sting out of what got lost in the CRASH...which is a good thing, but not quite the way I had planned for it all to go!

I'm going to try to get back to work tomorrow, after losing the last two days dealing with the computer crisis. I've been rearranging the desk in the studio to make room for everything and I'm rearranging data on the computer...which is infinitely more interesting then organizing the house.

I'm so used to a WYSIWYG program, I have a feeling I'll dump this HTML editor pretty quickly, though it is supposed to be a good one. I just don't think I'll have the patience to keep using it! LOLOL

Tuesday March 18, 2003

Well, sister, the MBA, liked the Following the Thread information I sent her. Whew!!!!!

I have some more stuff related to it yet to do, but have finished a lot of it. I haven't done as much writing at one time since I wrote my MFA thesis...and this has been a much more satisfactory experience! LOLOL

We made our final decision on the new 'puter...I should have it up and running by this time next week. I'll need to rearrange things on my desk so that everything fits, reaches, etc. and I'll have to reinforce the monitor shelf, but that should be pretty easy.

Jeffrey went grocery shopping at Walmart and came home with a bicycle. YIKES! What is it they say about shopping when hungry? Hmmmm......

The weather has been nice and warm here the last two day, but I think we're going to get LOTS of rain tomorrow. We shut down and unplug the computer, since this is an old house with not so robust wiring. Hate to have anything fried.

Monday March 17, 2003

I heard back about the computer tonight. When Jeffrey gets home, we'll look at it in detail, but so far things look good.

I put a lot more work in on the *Following the Thread* project and just emailed copies of what I've been working on to my sister, the MBA, for her opinion. I can't wait to hear what she thinks. I've managed to get the tall dragon, J A-S, involved in *Following the Thread*, as well!

I was able to get a little bit done on Mom's surprise, too. All in all, its been a pretty good day! *VBG*

Sunday March 16, 2003

Yet another VERY productive day...this is getting scary! ;-)

I've spent most of the last four days writing. I've been working on paperwork for the Following the Thread project. Much of it involves discussing the same things over and over, just changing the focus a bit depending on the topic under discussion. I had the WP Thesaurus up continually, but was disappointed by the paucity of available synonyms. This morning I went on a search and found a lovely little Thesaurus program online. It was available in a stripped down version for free and a beefier version for about $20. I didn't need the additional options so I'm using the free version. Due to my respect for copyright, I would have paid for the other version if necessary. LOL

I've been revising all that I have written and, as I explained to my mother, I seem to be suffering from a bad case of *SSS* *Sliding Synonym Syndrome* . I start at the top of the page and decide to change a word, I read down 3 lines and discover the word I just used up above is already in use here, so I change it, read down a few lines and discover....well, you get the picture!

I'm taking a break now to write this and then back to working on my Mom's surprise gift. I'm enjoying working on it and I'm finding that it is helping relieve the stress. Meanwhile, I'm letting all of this writing rest and I'll go back later and look at it with a fresh eye.

I'm experimenting with FP2002 and using the rotating banner feature for the first time. I'm not sure that I like it but I'll probably leave it up a couple of days and see how it goes...provided my IHP has installed the FP2002 extensions. If not, I guess I'll email them about it. LOL

I'm hoping to hear back about the new computer tomorrow. Darn, its hard to type with crossed fingers!!!!

Saturday March 15, 2003

I seem to have gotten myself back in a cycle of working very late (I had my Mom up at 1AM while I read paperwork to her over the phone, getting feedback). The good news is that she was still awake (did I mention she loves me? LOL) and I accomplished a helluva lot yesterday and today.

I'm trying to get much accomplished so Susan and I can review it over lunch at Red Lobster next week. They are having their Lobster Special, according to Susan. Yummmmmm.....

The 'puter gave me a scare, just now. YIKES!!! That would be all I need right now...sigh.... I hope to hear back from the local computer folks early next week so I can make some decisions. Meanwhile, I'm holding my breath that everything will be alright!

I spent most of today writing, and I'm pretty written out, so I'll close for tonight. ;-)

Friday March 14, 2003

I was up pretty late last night, but got much done last night and today. ;-)

I've been wondering what it is about Mastiff boys. Of the 4 English Mastiffs Jeffrey and I have loved, both of the big boys have been much better *snuggle bunnies* than either of the girls. Guido is a bed dog, which is fairly daunting when you consider he is bigger than either Jeffrey or me. *VBG*

He sleeps between us, but snuggles up to me, the end result being that I sometimes get squirted right out of bed...like toothpaste from a tube. Depending on what time it happens, I either go ahead and start my day, or bribe him on to the floor with a cookie and race him back into bed. If I'm quick, I can get back in and get the covers properly arranged before he heaves his 180+ bulk up onto the bed. *VBG*

I contacted the local company about the new computer and faxed the specs. Now we'll wait and see what kind of deal they can come up with. I have some negotiable points, so I hope we'll be able to work something out. Meanwhile, my fallback position will be to order the setup I found online.

I've been working hard on my *secret* project...which if you noticed the banner above, is actually called *Following the Thread* . Things are starting to fall into place quite quickly, I'm happy to say! I am going to try to use PDFs for part of the development phase and so far (keeping all appendages crossed) they are working. I haven't had good PDF karma in the past, so we'll have to see if things are going better this time!

Thursday March 13, 2003 PM

Yikes! March is almost half over. Somehow, this year is going at a rapid pace. I feel as though I'm running to catch a bus....can you hear me huffing and puffing? I really need to get into shape! After it get warm...and dry, I'm going to start walking Guido on a regular basis. We both could use the exercise! ;-)

I've been putting together specs on the computer and will be making some phone calls about getting one tomorrow. I have a good lead on a local source, so we'll see what happens. If all goes well, I should be able to move up to a dual monitor system, which has me REALLY happy! LOL

I love the internet and its *small town* mentality, even though it covers the entire world. While I was talking with the folks at my IHP yesterday, Lee, the owner, commented that he is a long time member of the FrontPage discussion list I'm on. It's like being members of the same club. *VBG*

I also need to get back to Alphabetting, so I'll probably work on that tomorrow. I'm listening to a good recorded book, so I'll crank it up and graph my heart away! Meanwhile, I've been poring over scheduling and calendars all night, along with surfing on the TV, just to give me some background noise.

I think I'll probably put some time in on Mom's gift this weekend. I'm enjoying it AND learning a lot. I hope I can finish it for Mother's Day, but I have a lot on my plate tight now, so I'll just have to see.

Wednesday March 12, 2003 PM

Considering how yesterday went, today was GREAT! I feel that as I mature, I'm better able to look beyond the bad moments and know that they will pass. On a light note, I was so numb from news about the computer yesterday, that when I got coldcocked late last night (metaphorically speaking) it really didn't hurt much! I was disappointed, but I know that as one door closes another one (or two) opens...which is what happened today!

I had a loooong meeting with my IHP (Internet Host Provider) today about the upcoming (surprise) changes to my website. Jeffrey, Lee, Kevin, and I sat around and brainstormed about what I want to do, what we need to accomplish it and where we can go from there. I am sooooo psyched! I am very lucky that a large national IHP (mine, Chapel1 *VBG*) also happens, coincidently, to be located in my small town, and in fact is only about a mile from the house. This means that I can meet with the staff face to face and receive invaluable help as they make suggestions and tell me what I need to do and what my options are. Cold Fusion here I come!

I'm going to sit down tonight with a calendar and try to work out a time line for everything that needs to be accomplished.

All I can say is, Needleworkers and Quilters....HANG on to your hats! Things are getting exciting!

Tuesday March 11, 2003 PM

Today wasn't as good as yesterday, but I have hopes for tomorrow. I've decided that the true test for being a *glass is half full*  person is how things look late at night when you are tired. With that criteria, I'm happy to say that I am still a *glass is half full* kind of girl. ;-)

I now have a working scanner, but with one thing and another, I'm looking at having to purchase a new computer...sigh....

I did get a little done on the Alphabet book and I worked on Mom's gift. *VBG* I'm really enjoying it!

On a funny note, Jeffrey has started eating yogurt. Understand, this is the man who thinks that the major food groups are salty, greasy, sweet, and chocolate! Anyway, he describes them by color...mauve (raspberry), chartreuse (key lime), and white (vanilla). I'm waiting to see if he survives. I'd feel better if he'd just break down and scoop it out with a chip, rather than use a spoon!

Monday March 10, 2003 PM

Today was pretty successful, I now have 10 Alphabets for the new book designed! I've been working on my Mother's Day project tonight (one of the benefits of letting Jeffrey play his computer game.)

I got the business phone calls on my To Do List accomplished...AND the computer tech should be here tomorrow (fingers crossed).

I'm listening to a Jack Higgins novel while I work on Mom's gift and I'm enjoying it very much. Suspense/Adventure are what I enjoy most, as well as anything by Dean Koontz. ;-)

Please everybody, keep all fingers and toes crossed that I'll have a working CD-RW by this time tomorrow.

All in all, it has been a pretty good day! *VBG* Good night to all, and to all a good night!


Sunday March 9, 2003 PM

I didn't get as much done today as I would have liked, so I'm considering staying up for a while yet to work on Alphabets. This is the time in the process when guilt seems to drive me. I wish I could claim it was self-discipline, but I think it is just guilt, pure and simple...sigh...I'd like to get the book finished a bit earlier than last year, when I actually picked up the first copies on my way to the Columbus Trade Show, while Julia finished printing the rest of the order.

I'm getting very excited that the 'puter tech is coming on Tuesday! I REALLY hope we can get all of the problems worked out. Please keep all fingers and toes crossed for me! *VBG*

I've been mulling over some new ideas/concepts for Hand Painted Canvas designs. I need to get sketching paper up on my drawing board so that when inspiration strikes, I can just start, without losing momentum by have to get prepared. I have 2 of the new Pendant Pal series stitched. Jeffrey has photographed them and I'll try to pics up soon. I have a new Sleep Mask design (cucumber slices) which is adorable and I'll try to get him to photograph it, as well. ;-)

I have my fingers crossed that this will be a VERY productive week!

Sunday March 9, 2003 AM

I'm up waaaay early and enjoying my quiet time as Jeffrey and the dogs sleep-in. *VBG*

I'm continuing to work on my new project and, in part because it utilizes relatively new technology, I have been reflecting on the technological changes in the last 10-15 years.

I spend most of my days using technology and skills which either I didn't have 10 years ago or which didn't exist 10 years ago. Because Jeffrey is a college professor, I also spend a lot of time thinking about college and its purpose. Every now and then he and I discuss it, or I pontificate (I do have a lot of my dad in me *smile*). I really think that with the rapid changes we face in technology and the world, we need to be sending grads out into the world with skills for the future, ie: strong writing skills AND, most important, the ability to teach themselves new skills and technology. I rate myself one of the lucky ones in that I have always found it relatively easy to teach myself just about anything from books. (Brain surgery seems to be my limit, but more because all of that messy blood makes it hard to match the pictures! *Joke*) I am learning a lot of new stuff for this new project and I'm very grateful, because without my ability to teach myself, this new venture would not have been practical.

Now, moving away from this philosophical jag...today we're going to be watering house plants (long overdue) and I'm going to continue on Alphabets. I made pretty good progress yesterday, while listening to a good recorded book, but I still have a lot to do...and after all of the designs are created, I'll need to spend as much time, if not more, getting pages set-up for printing...sigh....


Friday March 7, 2003 PM

Today was a pretty good day. Susan and I had a great working lunch and I'm ready to move on to the next step of my project. *VBG* More writing and planning...I'm really having fun, but it is pretty scary, too.

Inspiration struck and I found a computer tech to work on my system next week so I won't have to perform 'puter surgery this weekend! Whew!!!!! I sooooo need to be backing up data. YIKES! I'm hoping maybe I can get the CD-RW problem, the new scanner AND the dual monitor set-up all dealt with in one fell swoop or even one swell foop...I'd be happy with either!

I've been thinking about the amount of writing I do these days. I really enjoy it and like everything in life, the more you do it the better you get. I just wish my typing would improve. Hmmmmm, maybe I need to look for online classes. I LOVE taking classes online. I just signed up for 4 or 5 in the HP class session, coming up in a few weeks.

This weekend's focus is going to be on the new Alphabet book. I'm also going to get to work on the big re-working for the M's Canvashouse website. I have LOTS of new canvases to add. I've had to get new optimizing software and need to learn it so I can prepare all of the new canvases for fast loading on the web. I actually enjoy working on the weekend. For some reason, Saturday and Sunday always feel like extra days.


Thursday March 6, 2003 PM

It was a raw 32 degrees here today. It has been a long, cold winter, even if we didn't get snowed in as I had hoped. I guess I'm just living in the wrong part of the country. ;-) 

Tomorrow I'm having lunch with my friend Susan. I'll be showing her the Mission Statement as well as some of the planning paperwork for my new venture. I'm looking forward to seeing her reaction. I have several of the next steps for the project on hold, waiting for information from other sources...but I'm getting VERY excited about it. I ended up expanding my Mission Statement, incorporating a Goal Statement that had appeared on one of the other pages. I think that it has helped to clarify things, but I'll wait and see what Susan says.

I'm reaching a crisis with the CD-RW situation. I don't have a practical alternative to making backups and I'm starting a LOT of work that needs to be backed up. I think I'll have to make that my number 1 priority this weekend. I just can't keep procrastinating about it...sigh...it's just that something about opening up the innards of my 'puter just makes my blood run cold!

Wednesday March 5, 2003 PM

Mams'elle would like it noted for the record that my comment yesterday regarding 180+lb dogs (plural) was an inaccurate exaggeration. While she hasn't been weighed in quite a while, she is certain that she weighs no more than 150 lbs and is probably closer to 140 lbs. She would like you all to know that she considers herself a *petite and delicate girl*. I stand corrected. Because Guido weighs somewhere between 180 and 200, I figured it all averaged out. Obviously, this was an insensitive assumption on my part.

I've been letting Jeffrey use the computer to play games the last couple of evenings, which is why the notes get posted either very late or sometime the next morning. ;-) I figure I can always use the wife points, particularly since I had to re-order Alphabet books from the printer and he does all of the binding. He'll have a couple of evenings of work next week, bless his heart.

Julia (the printer) and I have been discussing the next Alphabet book. I had decided that the cover would be blue. We (Julia, Jeffrey and I) always refer to them by color  - pink, green, and yellow - the difficulty arising from the Duplicate Stitch Alphabet book which has a very light blue with clouds cover. Julia thinks of it as blue, but Jeffrey and I call it the *Big* book or the *Dup* book. Since it is bought by a different market, (the Knitting shops) rather than the NW shops who buy the other books, this has not been a problem, so far. I told Julia I'd look at cover stock choices next week when I pick up the next batch of books, but not to get her hopes up, since I was pretty sure I'd still go with pastel blue. When you start with a business the things that become the complications are never what you'd expect... book cover colors...sheeesh....

Well, it's late and I need to go. Guido is nudging me with his head and heaving heavy sighs...all part of his duties as the *Official Bed Dog*   *VBG*


Tuesday March 4, 2003 PM

Dandelion (pronounced Dandeline), our small beleaguered Himi,  has been posing on the landing of the stairs recently. Today I caught her napping, but the tail draped so gracefully off of the step, I have to wonder if she was really asleep. I wish I had been able to take a picture of it. ;-)

She is so quick, getting out of the way of the 180+ lb dogs that we joke about teleporting.

Today seemed to give a hint of Spring to come...but while I look forward to warmer weather, I'm still disappointed about not getting snowed in this year...sigh....and yes, I do have a one track mind! *VBG* I like to think of it as a positive character trait rather than a character flaw! LOL

I'm starting work on the book designs and have been working a bit each day on the new Alphabet book. I really enjoy the long term designing I can do (with sufficient planning time) as opposed to the compressed time frames I ran into when I designed for theatre. I generally plan in 18 month increments these days, with an occasional event thrown into the schedule up to 24 months ahead. We do sit down and have a major planning fest (dinner meetings at Sunny's B-B-Q) after each trade show where we fine tune the directions we are going in, usually based on the results of the show response. 

Tuesday March 4, 2003 AM

I'm bummed because I missed writing yesterday's date anywhere. It was 03/03/03 and would have been cool to write on a check, but by the time I realized it, jumping in the car and rushing to make a purchase at 11:30PM seemed a bit ridiculous. ;-)
Ah well, at least I got to write a lot of checks on 01/02/03. *VBG*

Today, the day dawned bright and clear and sunny, for the first time in a long time. I don't know how cold it is because I haven't had to let the dogs out yet. I was first to bed and everyone else stayed up pretty late, so I'm having this brief bit of morning to myself...and enjoying it. LOL

I've been working further on that exciting new project, and I'm struck by how much my two chosen industries (Needlework and Quilting) have so many *Mom and Pop* businesses on all levels. Even the larger companies, such as some of the distribution companies, are family companies. One non-distribution company that comes to mind is the metallic thread/fibre company, Kreinik and another one is Mill Hill Beads. Jeffrey and I were interviewed recently for possible inclusion in *Professional Quilting* in an upcoming article on couples in the Quilting industry. I think for me, this is all an extension of my fascination with how people got involved in each industry, possibly because my personal story verges on the absurd...*What's needlepoint?*  *VBG* The recurring thread that I see is that each family/couple seems to have gotten involved initially as the result of one person's love/passion for the craft. I see this as a strength for each industry, the downside being that some companies may be lacking in the business experience needed. I certainly know that I'm playing catch-up from that angle.

Sunday March 2, 2003 PM

Well, I wrote the Mission Statements. I'm happy with them but I'll let them rest a couple of days and then try to look at them with a fresh perspective.

The Stitch Guides are ready for their final proofreading and then I'll get them printed.

I'm six alphabets into the new book...if I can just maintain my momentum! LOL

The CD Burner doesn't seem to be able to read any CD, so I guess I'll have to open the box and take a look. At least the *Work on your own PC* book seems to be an excellent resource.

Meanwhile, I've started on my Mom's Mother's Day gift. Mom, if you read this, ignore it! It is trying to snow here, but I don't hold out much hope for any accumulation....sigh.....

Still working on the desk. ;-0

Sunday March 2, 2003 AM

I'm starting to feel pressured that we are already into March this year. Deadlines are looming. YIKES!

I'm making good progress on the desk. It isn't all cleaned up, but it is on its way. ;-)

I am in the process of writing Mission Statements for a couple of new, exciting projects. You'll hear more about them later, but I was really intrigued...when I did a Meta-search on *writing Mission Statements* I found some really wonderful resources. I LOVE the web! *VBG*

Today I'll be working on the new Alphabet book and the Krause book and have a couple of Stitch Guides to proof and print. I bought a book on making PC repairs, so I'm going to look at it...CD Burner Watch OUT! I'm hoping that it will be a simple fix, otherwise I'll try swapping one of the other working CD burners...I'll probably get to that in a day or two, but I'm getting down to the wire and need to be able to use it soon.

Saturday March 1, 2003 AM

I'm up fairly early again today...considering our late night last night. ;-) We had friends come down from Ohio to see Jeffrey's production of Brighton Beach Memoirs. The four of us had dinner, saw the show and then came home and talked 'til the wee hours. I'm pretty tired physically but re-charged creatively. *VBG*

I have more business stuff that needs to happen this weekend and Jeffrey will be helping, but I'll be starting the next round of *MAJOR* designing and I'm pumped. I'll be looking over my notes and trying to plan things so that I can work on a little each day...keeping in mind the late May and June deadlines I have coming up. ;-)

I do need to tackle my *not-working* Cd writer...and try to install the new scanner...sigh...but I might put those chores off until Monday. I'm afraid I'm going to have to breakdown and get one of those *How to work on your own PC* books. I have a total of 3 CD Burners in my possession. Two of them work and one doesn't, so guess which one is in the main computer? Rats......

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