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March 2004

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Monday PM March 1, 2004

I spent today preparing orders for shipping. It went rather well except for a brief spell when UPS Online developed and attitude problem. I ended up calling a couple of shops to double check their addresses and then had to tell UPS to *JUST DO IT!*

Tonight I've been arranging paint in the new paint/tool cabinet we got at the flea market yesterday. As I've arranged paint, I'm seeing what colors I need to re-stock so it has turned out to be a good thing. ;-)
I decided to make the top drawer the *Open Bottle* drawer, the I'll have *Warm Colors*, *Cool Colors* and *Neutral/Earth/Metallic Colors*. I'm not sure what will live in the deeper bottom drawer.

The latest *Keepsake Quilting* catalog arrived today and my Applique Alphabet V1 book is still in it! (page 55, IIRC) *VBG*
I just find it soooo exciting, especially considering the amount of $$ I've spent there myself! I'm actually considering some more purchases! LOLOL

Have a happy Tuesday!

Tuesday PM March 2, 2004

Actually it is Wednesday and I'm up late...I can't turn my mind off.

I've been arranging paint  in the new cabinet. What a great find!

I printed covers for the two Quilting Alphabet books, so we'd have them ready and I designed the freebie I'll be sending to Martha Beth Lewis for her handout at CATS. The tradition is that the designs be food related! LOLOL

I have lots of errands to run tomorrow and I need to work on my canvas painting, which means that I need to finish switching all of the paint supplies and equipment into the new cabinet so that I can get to the paint table! Right now, because both the old cabinet and the new one are right there, I can't even get to the chair! *VBG*

Have a safe and happy Wednesday!
Wednesday PM March 3, 2004

I had my hair done today...always gives a girl a lift! Wonda did a pretty good job. *VBG* Since I had custody of the van ( a VERY rare occurrence) I did some errands...

I've been painting canvases but not as energetically as I should...sigh...I did get everything transferred into the new paint cabinet and boy, is it nice! The top is considerably larger so things aren't as crowded and it is several inches taller and much more comfortable for dipping brushes. Also, because the contents is in drawers (except for what's on top) I don't feel as though I'm going to tip something over.

I am waiting to hear back from someone about possible embellishments for the new Shady Lady. This is a one shot deal so once they are gone, I'll have to retire the design, which is a scary idea...I'm hoping to get enough that I don't have to worry since with hand painted canvases there is a limited expectation on sales, in most instances. I'm also waiting for some yummy metallics from Kreinik...meanwhile, I have to find the other thread I've been gathering together. I think I put it on the cutting table in the Quilt Studio...hmmm...I hope that's where it is!

I discussed a possible promotion with *How 2 Books* for the Spring Quilt Market, They'll have both Volume 1 and Volume 2 of the Applique Alphabet books. We hammered out the main deal and Dave in Purchasing will be getting back to me with details as we get closer to the Market.

While I didn't paint as much as I should have, I did accomplish a fair amount...so, off to bed. LOL

Have a safe and happy Thursday!
Thursday 2:30PM March 4, 2004

Can you tell I'm STILL procrastinating? LOLOL

Poor Jeffrey called me about 11 AM to tell me that he had just taken a spill...picture teaching Fight Choreography on wet grass with a partially open manhole cover, etc...YIKES!!!!

The good news is that he wasn't seriously injured, but he has a nasty scrape on one leg and his (VERY expensive) glasses were toast...sigh...we talked about the glasses and he suggested that since our lenses are so costly it makes sense to buy two sets of frames and keep one (without lenses) in reserve.

He went to see about new glasses and to his amazement, they are still selling that frame style so they put in the lenses (which had survived the fall) and while he was there he ordered additional frames for both of us. I've been teasing him about coming up with some good ideas lately. He went to see about new glasses and to his amazement, they are still selling that frame style so they put in the lenses (which had survived the fall) and while he was there he ordered additional frames for both of us. I've been teasing him about coming up with some good ideas lately.


The extra frames at least prevent us from having to throw away expensive lenses just because the frames are not available...I figure it is relatively cheap insurance! *VBG*

Have a great rest of Thursday!
Thursday PM March 4, 2004

I've been trying to do some long term planning today.

I'm trying to plan out what I need for each of the next trade shows...Columbus in June, Houston in October and Long Beach in January...and then prioritize it all. ;-)

Jeffrey is an incredible help with everything, but on the creative side, this is primarily a one person show and the biggest challenge is how to maximize my time...and also what to focus on for the most effective growth...It can sure be a challenge...

In terms of getting the day to day stuff done, I'm probably going to try to limit my 'puter time tomorrow since that always pulls me away from the painting.

We're also trying to decide what we need/want to do over Spring Break...maybe paint the living room? The paint chips have been taped to the wall for several years. With both of us being designers, we have rarely gone 2 years with the same scheme in the living room and we've had this one for much longer than that...One of the big problems is what to do with all of the TB-DN stuff that fills the living room and entry hall. Yeesh! LOLOL

Have a safe and happy Friday!
Friday PM March 5, 2004

I'm getting a lot accomplished today, but not necessarily what needs to be done immediately...it is MUCH more fun to be creative than to settle in to the daily grind.

One of my best friends had an EXCELLENT suggestion regarding some of my books...now to figure out the implementation details. *VBG*

In the *Things that make you go Hmmm* Department:
My poor mom had her mini van into the dealership and was given an $1800 estimate. EEEKKK!!!! My sister took the van to their very reliable small town mechanic and he took care of the work for $312...


Just a reminder that as the weather warms here in KY, we will be going into T'storm season. Since we have a old house with funky wiring, I unplug the computer, so my posts might be a bit erratic, depending on the weather. ;-)

Have a safe and happy weekend!
Saturday PM March 6, 2004

Jeffrey and I went to our favorite consignment shop today. He's a Costume Designer and so he can pretty much be considered a professional shopper. *smile*

I saw a couple of things I liked but didn't think they would fit. He insisted that I try them on and 2 of them fit quite nicely. They were Fall/Winter outfits which were on sale at 50% so I got 2 great new outfits for less than $25! YIPPEE!!!!!!

The day started rainy and cold, but the rain has stopped now. This is a great house for listening to rain. In the upstairs and the back of the house, the roof arrangement leads to loud rain sounds, which are a personal favorite of mine. ;-)

One of my best friends emailed me with a *dumb* question which turned out to be a VERY smart one and will lead to an addition to the Applique Alphabet books. As I get closer to production, I'll tell you more. LOL Meanwhile, I'm so excited and my head is whirring so much, I'm having trouble getting anything accomplished...sigh.....

Have a safe and happy Sunday!
Sunday PM March 7, 2004

OK, here's the deal...for a number of reasons I won't bore you with (see, I do occasionally show some restraint LOL) I had never had the Cadbury Easter Eggs...well, I had my first one yesterday...WOW!!! Way too cool...and of course, I find the marketing (only available during a brief time of the year) extremely intriguing. Somehow, the Easter Mastiff realized how much I love them and a half dozen mysteriously appeared on the kitchen counter...now it's up to me to show restraint!

It was VERY windy here today and the clouds were extremely threatening and dramatic, although we didn't actually get any rain.

We had a very pleasant and relaxed day...something I've been needing.

Have a safe and happy Monday!
Monday PM March 8, 2004

Today ended up being a phone day. ;-) Interestingly enough, that is happening more and more, most often on Mondays...I'm probably going to need to start working it into my schedule/planning.

My new Planner Pad arrived today. I use the July-June timeframe and they didn't become available until March...I was online and ordering my on March 1. I really love them...the layout and organization is very effective for a visual person, which I am. IIRC, I already have at least one appointment which needs to be entered, as well as the Trade Show dates for that time period.

The weather has turned cold again...not super cold but cold enough that I woke up last night to find Guido curled up in a ball against the back of my legs...I had no idea a 200lb dog could compact himself to such an extent! LOLOL anyway, I sure felt warm, safe, and loved!

Retraction: Jeffrey was just reading this over my shoulder and challenged me on Guido's weight...I'll concede...Guido hasn't been weighed since last summer, and he was only 185lbs then...I stand corrected and will admit to possible exaggeration! LOLOLOL

Have a safe and happy Tuesday!
Tuesday PM March 9, 2004

I had a great chat with my Mom today...all about the business and other things...she is always SO supportive and I'm so lucky to have her! Part of what we were talking about is strategies to shoehorn TB-DN into our lovely almost 100 year old house...the front hall, living room and former dining room (my main Studio space) are a maze of boxes, trade show stuff, and I don't know what else...not a pretty sight! LOLOL

I'm having a late night snack...after dinner Jeffrey did one of his WONDERFUL roasted chickens, cooked with baby carrots, baby potatoes, celery and onions...we'll have it for dinner tomorrow night and then he'll make chicken soup with the remainder. We have one of those wonderful small graniteware roasting pans...I also have a HUGE turkey size one that belonged to one of my grandmothers.

Tomorrow is a *listen to recorded books and paint* day...should be fun!

Have a safe and happy Wednesday!
Wednesday PM March 10, 2004

I am SOO happy...last night Jeffrey installed a small pull-out trash can under the sink. ;-) It makes clean-up very nice, and keeps everything away from inquisitive Mastiff noses! LOLOL

I've been painting and listening to a good recorded book. While I am tempted to work really late tonight, I know that is a bad thing, because I'll just be fried later on. ;-(

I was book shopping on Amazon today and ended up buying 2 business books by one of my favorite authors, Seth Godin...interestingly enough, I was able to purchase both as downloads. I've printed them out (making sure that the copyrights permitted that, of course) and I have skimmed the first one already.  The instant gratification was GREAT!

The issue of convenience of information delivery (ebooks in this case) versus the problem of copyright infringement is so volatile. I know that there are some of my designs/books that I'd LOVE to sell in a similar format, but fear of illegal file copying is a major worry. I know that there are copiers who don't realize what a devastating financial impact something like that could have on a tiny company like mine...I also know that there are those who know full well but don't care...sigh..

On an upbeat note, with the warmer weather, Guido, who LOVES to dig in the backyard, has officially entered *muddy nose season*. His beautiful big black rubber nose is now a big tan muddy nose and will be for the next 8 months or so! LOLOLOL

Have a safe and happy Thursday!
Thursday PM March 11, 2004

I'm attempting to shovel off my desk tonight...I think the term *Geologic Layers* best describes my filing style...sigh...

I'm also synchronizing the files between my desktop (Freddie) and my laptop (Maria)...I'm finding that it takes a lot of concentration to be sure that the right files are moving in the right direction. Once I have a moment to breathe, I really need to learn the synchronizing software. I'm sure it is actually much easier than I am making it...

Last night, as I went to sleep, Guido, who sleeps in the middle, had his head up by mine. I was holding his paw and he nudged my arm so that it ended up draped over his neck in a hug. We went to sleep like that... I just about melted...dogs are so wonderful! LOLOL

I got some new software and will be spending the next few days trying to learn it. It is actually the kind of thing that I enjoy.


Have a safe and happy Friday!
Sunday March 14, 2004

I'm in Atlanta attending the BIG Gift Market. Boy, Spring has sprung here! The Redbuds, Bradford Pears, and Magnolias, along with numerous flowers are all in bloom...I can't wait until Spring gets to KY.

I'm having a great time with my friends and we are talking non-stop. While we are in different industries, the similarities and issues we face are remarkably similar.

I am also enjoying having an entire bed to myself (don't tell Guido) and Jeffrey and I were laughing about that. ;-) He was telling me that since I'm gone, Guido is pretty much ignoring him! LOLOL

I was able to get online easily this trip with *FREE high speed internet access*. Modern technology, ya gotta love it! *VBG*

I'm looking forward to getting home and back to work...

Have a safe and happy Monday!
Tuesday PM March 16, 2004

It was so nice to get home after my trip to Atlanta. I really enjoyed myself there and the company was great, but it was still nice to be home! *VBG*

It was raining last night and this morning so I went to sleep and then woke up to the sound of rain. This old house is great if you like the sound of rain. ;-)

I'm working away on my *To Do* List and trying to catch up on my sleep.

Guido was REALLY glad to see me...what can I say, Guido is the BEST! LOLOLOL

Have a safe and happy Wednesday!
Wednesday PM March 17, 2004

She came, she saw, she fixed the TV!

I got home from my trip to find the TV not working properly...Jeffrey had rented some DVDs and watched them while I was gone. The last time we used it, it messed up the cable settings. This time I wasn't even sure what had happened since poor Jeffrey had attempted to fix things...where is a teenager when you need one?

I finally figured out that the remote needed to be re-programmed...

Two degrees in Technical theatre/Design pay off!

The embellishments for the new Shady Lady have arrived so I'll start stitching VERY soon!

I've been working on the new Quilting project on the laptop in front of the TV the last couple of nights...I should be finished shortly! YIPPEE!!!

Have a safe and happy Thursday!
Thursday PM March 18, 2004

Spring is coming! Last year, Jeffrey transplanted a bunch of bunch of *Naked Ladies*...I don't know their horticultural name, but they send up leaves right about now which die back and then later in the season there is a lovely stalk of flowers, sans leaves...about 7 bunches have come up along the picket fence in our side yard.
The neighbors' Forsythia is in bloom and we have some volunteer daffodils...the last clue to the arrival of Spring is Guido's perpetually muddy nose! LOLOLOL

I'm chugging away and getting things finished...and I need to get ready planning the work and priorities for the next several months. My next show is the TNNA Show in June...I'll be introducing the next Shady Lady which I'll probably start stitching next week. I'm also working on a design for the Fratelli Graziano Company...what can I say, it is so exciting to get packages from Italy!

Monday AM March 22, 2004

Jeffrey and I had a lovely weekend in the mountains...and returned with a HUGE (did I say it was BIG?) three bay Jenn-Air cooktop...needless to say, we got a killer deal on it...it is slightly damaged but I have a plan for getting it repaired.....*smile*

Our game plan is to re-do the kitchen in a year or so...and boy, is Jeffrey excited about this cooktop! LOLOLOL

We had a wonderful time, and I did get some work done...thank goodness for laptop computers. We slept in a King size bed...but felt the extra space was wasted since Guido, the Bed Dog, wasn't with us! *VBG*

Part of the reason for the weekend was business planning and we did get quite a bit of that taken care of...now I need to sit down with my calendar and figure out the timeline for each project...


Have a safe and happy Monday!
Monday PM March 22, 2004

I'm finishing up the last of the orders form the Winter shows and looking forward to getting ready for the Summer and Fall shows. I need to sit down with my calendar and figure out what reality is...always an interesting activity! ;-)

It has been great to be back home with Guido...I really hate to be away from him...he's such a sweetie...

I have the everything but the proofreading completed on the new project...I'll let y'all know about it as soon as we are good to go...

Have a safe and happy Tuesday!
Tuesday PM March 23, 2004

I've been working on a design project today...I always do my best work when I have time to design and wait and then go back and redesign over a period of several weeks. While I CAN come up with an acceptable design in a deadline situations (gee, could that be my theatre training? LOLOL) I find it fascinating to see how radically a design can evolve when I have the time to allow it to do so...

I have been mulling over what I saw in my brief foray to the Atlanta Gift Show...the current colors are so vibrant and exciting...I want my new designs for Painted Canvas to reflect them...I'm starting to get very excited and inspired by all of this! *VBG*

Have a safe and happy Wednesday!
Wednesday PM March 24, 2004

I can't get over the fact that March is almost over...and April just around the corner...YIKES!!!! Yet another year that I missed getting snowed in...sigh...

I've managed to misplace an entire folder of paint notes for an entire line of designs...I've about decided they must have gotten thrown away somehow...I've looked and looked to no avail...


I can recreate the information but it will take time...

On the bright side, Tom, our former neighbor, dropped off leftovers...Jambalaya...YUM! He and Jeffrey both do all of the grocery shopping and cooking and compare recipes...when he and his wife lived next door, he provided lunches for me about half of the time...it was GREAT!

Have a safe and happy Thursday!
Thursday PM March 25, 2004

Spring has sprung...and soon it will be warm enough for us to paint the foundation on our house. *VBG* I, of course, can't wait! LOLOLOL

I have a fairly long *To Do* list for tomorrow and I'm looking forward to the weekend...having been away the last two weekends (very unusual for me)

I'm pretty tired and ready to crash, so this is briefer than usual...

Have a safe and happy Friday!
Saturday PM March 27, 2004

Wow, today was a great mail day! I received a couple of eBay purchases made last week, getting them earlier than I expected, AND, best of all, a surprise package from Kreinik containing some of their new colors in Silk Serica! YUMMMMYYYYYY....*VBG*

Jeffrey and I got into a joking *I don't want to work today* contest which went on for several minutes...he won by threatening to go out into the back yard and eat dog poop...a joke that other dog lovers will understand. ;-) Yeeech! Needless to say, I conceded on that one!

The weather here was glorious and I tried to convince our next door neighbor that she wanted to work in our garden when she finished hers, but she only laughed at me...I just don't understand it....

Have a safe and happy Sunday!
Sunday PM March 28, 2004

It was a glorious day here today and many things are blooming...I LOVE Spring. ;-)

Jeffrey and I spent a couple of hours out and about today. There were 2 filing cabinets, legal size with 3 drawers each, costing $25 a piece at the local flea market...and I don't have any place to put them...Oh, the PAIN! LOLOLOLOLOL

I'm threatening to take an entire day next week and play hookey...yeah, right! *VBG* But boy, does it sound tempting!

Have a safe and happy Monday!
Tuesday Lunch Time March 30, 2004

I'm struggling now to stay focused on my *To Do* list while exciting new designs are flitting about my head...always a mixed blessing for a designer...

Some of the designs are possible painted canvases ideas, some are applique/quilting related, and there are even a couple of wearable art things in the mix...one of the advantages of being married to a costume designer! LOLOL

I've discovered some new software that seems to be perfect for an upcoming project, but I waiting to ask an online group if it will work the way I think it will...meanwhile I'm fighting off the urge to just order it! *VBG*

I go thru these periods of creativity every few months and I've learned the hard way to document the ideas in one place and then sort thru and organize them AFTER things quiet down...once they are sorted, then I start prioritizing them according to things such upcoming trade shows and development times...I also have to remind myself to keep plodding away on the day to day projects. I think I am getting a pretty good balance between going with the creative flow and maintaining the discipline necessary to run/maintain the business...

Have a safe and happy rest of Tuesday!
Wednesday PM March 31, 2004

Jeffrey and I are in the middle of having a planning confab...we are making a lot of decisions and planning the layout of my next set of books (which will be for quilters! *VBG*).

It has been raining off and on today...I am threatening to leave the computer turned off tomorrow so I can settle in with a new recorded book and finish painting and/or start on new Painted Canvas designs.

It seems as if once I turn on the 'puter in the morning, I can't leave it alone...what can I say...it's an addiction! *VBG*

Tomorrow is April 1st so watch out for jokes...last year our cable company turned everything off while they changed the the entire channel lineup...it will be interesting to see if they do the same thing this year...

Have a safe and happy Thursday!

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