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April 2004

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Thursday PM April 1, 2004

I hope you all had a great day with a minimum of April Fool's trauma. *VBG*

Jeffrey is teaching an Intro to Speech extension course...down in the mountains south of here. Tonight the students had to give speeches and he came home with the Best Ever Kentucky Town Name...*Ape Yard Hollow* (Hollar)...so called because it is a coal mining community and the miners would carry big buckets of coal in each hand causing them to walk hunched over like apes...what a visual and what a feel you can get for the difficult times that have been endured in this part of the country!

I've been trying to figure out how to make some drawing software do what I need it to do...not very successfully, I'm afraid...sigh...

Well, I'm off to bed...Guido has been giving me the Mastiff *Time for Bed* Mind Meld for the last three hours...he sits beside me (understand that because of his size, we are at the same eye level) and stares intently at my face, catching my eyes if I look in his direction. He can do this for long periods of time...talk about focus! LOLOLOL

Have a safe and happy Friday!

Friday PM April 2, 2004

Mucho Happy Dancing has been going on in the Studio today...I got a congratulatory email from another designer about my books being handles by Quilters' Resource, a big quilting supplies distributor...so I went looking and there they were...*Tink's Applique Alphabet Books, Vol. 1 & 2* *VBG*

The background on all of this is that QR contacted me after seeing Vol1 in the Keepsake Quilting catalog and immediately faxed a contract...meanwhile I sent copies of everything but haven't heard a word...being the cautious soul that I am, I wasn't counting any chickens...and indeed, they haven't placed an order yet, BUT both books are on their web site so I expect I'll be hearing from them eventually! LOLOLOL

Happy Dancin' in in KY!

Have a safe and happy Saturday!

Sunday PM April 4, 2004

Happy Daylight Savings Time...I'm looking forward to having dawn come a bit later in the morning...our bedroom is VERY bright in the morning, so I have a hard time sleeping after that, which wouldn't be as much of an problem if I went to bed at a reasonable hour. *VBG*

Jeffrey, who hates the entire Daylight Saving Time thing, is going thru his usual several day grumble...and then he goes thru it all over again in October.

Meanwhile, the Atomic/Self-setting clock in the Studio is having issues over something and is currently an hour behind itself...it didn't reset itself last night but was adjusted this morning and then was unadjusted sometime this afternoon...bless it's heart! LOLOLOLOL

It has been bright and springlike here in KY, but a bit on the cool side.

Have a safe and happy Monday!
Monday PM April 5, 204

Although it is still on the cool side here, it is now an official Boord-Dill Spring...today we had our first bird on the house...I was on the phone (long distance, of course) and had to hang up immediately...I REALLY lucked out because Guido was in the backyard, so I closed the door, and when Mam'selle came down the stairs, I whisked her into the Quilt Studio and closed it off. The bird was flying around the LR so I closed the Studio doors and opened the front door, turned off the LR light and covered the windows...I've learned that birds fly toward the light, so he soon made a bee line out the front door...

Last year I think the final count was 7 birds, including 1 pair...all safely rescued...but picture 2 almost 200 lb dogs leaping and flinging themselves after these tiny creatures...not a good thing! *VBG*

Have a safe and happy Tuesday!
Tuesday PM April 6, 2004

It is VERY late, going on 3 AM, and I'm pretty tired and not very coherent...LOLOL

This morning I caught a very busy bird starting to build a nest in our basement! We startled each other, he/she flew out the door and I closed it until the next time a dog needed to go out.
I'm hoping that the door was closed long enough for our little homemaker to find a better location. We have 3 big Wisteria, which are good nesting places, so there are a lot of options *VBG

As I said, I'm pretty tired...so I'll say good night now. ;-)

Have a safe and happy Wednesday!
Thursday 8PM April 8, 2004

I missed  posting last night...I was having printer trouble and ended up at the store at midnight buying a replacement ink jet cartridge...thank goodness for stores that are open all night. ;-)

My printer trouble stems from the fact that I run 3 different printers off of the computer, and each one changes the documents slightly, sometimes causing the pages breaks to slide around...sigh...

I finally got everything happy, but wasted a lot of time and a LOT of paper...;-(

This morning, I discovered that Guido had eaten the notes for the new books...4-5 pages, handwritten, with nothing on the computer. I'll be able to recreate it for the most part...it probably won't be exactly the same but will be close enough, it will just take time...I called my best friend to whine about it and she, of course, had to tease me about the dog eating my homework...she's a dog person and was VERY kind and understanding so I didn't mind the teasing... LOLOLOL

Guido and I have since made up...he's my big guy and nothing he does will change that...*VBG*

Moral of the story, don't leave paperwork on the LR couch...and thank goodness for best friends to hold your hand when the paperwork gets eaten!!

Have a safe and happy Friday!

Sunday PM April 11, 2004

I hope everyone had a nice weekend... things were busy here, and I missed being with family, but I've gotten a lot accomplished.

I FINALLY finished the orders from the Winter Shows. I'm working on straightening the Studio...one of my big fluorescent lights is out of commission and I've been trying to decide whether to suck up and fix it myself, or wait for poor Jeffrey to get to it...
 Hmmmm... ;-)

I need to spend Monday planning and prioritizing...figuring out what I need to accomplish and what the deadlines are...let's get out the BIG calendar and the *To Do* list.

I'm also, still trying to reconstruct the notes Guido ate! LOLOLOL

I'm probably going to do some mild updating on the web site, as well...

Have a safe and happy Monday!
Monday PM April 12, 2004

I'm working on organizing and cleaning the Studio while I plan my course of action for the rest of the year. I haven't taken the time to do this for quite a while. I'm thinking about putting together a *Master List* of organizational/cleaning tasks for TB-DN and then pledging to do something from the list every day. Sounds good, doesn't it? *VBG* ... I'll let you know how it goes! LOLOL

It has been rainy and gray here all day...poor Jeffrey has been working on the Show that opens on Wednesday, and he is coming home tonight to bind books for me...bless his heart.

Meanwhile, I have officially started work on the new project... you know, the one with the notes Guido ate... sigh ... I'm still recreating the notes, but I did remember enough that I could get started!

Have a safe and happy Tuesday!

Tuesday PM  April 13, 2004

I spent today binding books to fill an order for our newest distributor. The books will be shipped tomorrow and poor Jeffrey is up to his eyeballs in costumes for a show that opens tomorrow night. ;-(

I watched TV and bound for a good part of the day...I'm not fast but I did manage to avoid getting a blister. Jeffrey stopped by when I was about half way thru and was teasing me that I was doing it all wrong...I told him to keep his mouth shut! *VBG* At least I wasn't paying me by the hour! LOLOL I have been hoping to be able to invest in an electric binding machine this year, and let me tell you, today certainly strengthened my resolve!

It has been raining here for about three days and as the ground gets saturated, our phone lines and DSL line start to get stroppy ... I was talking with a friend in NC and we were interrupted by someone here in town, whose phone call overlapped ours. Shades of party lines!

Have a safe and happy Wednesday!

Wednesday PM April 14, 2004

After at least 3 days of incessant rain, the sun came out today...it isn't warm, mind you...LOLOL I had been thinking about putting the houseplants out for their summer sunning, but decided to wait, fortunately! A neighbor down the street left her plants out overnight and the chill hit them hard.

I spent most of today on the phone, working on TNNA/Columbus Show related things...I think I managed to deal with everything. Meanwhile, I can't believe it is only Wednesday! YIKES...it feels like LATE Friday! Did I mention I was tired? *smile*

I've been working with Corel Draw 12 and my new Wacom Drawing Tablet...I am amazed at the improvements between Corel Draw 8, which I had been using, and Version 12...well worth the effort to upgrade.

I have a Quilter's Freebie I'm hoping to get added to the site in the next couple of days, so keep an eye out! *VBG*

Have a safe and happy Thursday!
Thursday Lunchtime April 15, 2004

Now that I have my Canvas painting finished (for a while), I'm spending my time on the computer. To keep the tediousness at bay, I jump from project to project.

I just finished adding the Free Project for Quilters from Tink's Applique Alphabet Book, Volume 1. If you are a NWer, not a Quilter, please pass the word along to your Quilting Friends! LOL

The link to the PDF file is on the Books page with links to the information at the top of my HOME page and lower down on the HOME page. PDF files and I are still making friends after a long period of dislike, so if you have any problems, PLEASE let me know so that I can *fix* it! *VBG*

Have a safe and happy rest of Thursday!

Sunday PM April 18, 2004

Yesterday and today were lovely here in Central KY. Yesterday was the 40th anniversary of the introduction of the Ford Mustang ...shall we have a moment of silence for car lovers? *VBG*

I've gotten off to a good start on my new book for Quilters ...I'm pretty excited about it and the technical aspects seem to be going well, at least so far!

Have a safe and happy Monday!
Monday PM April 19, 2004

As we enter T'storm season in KY, I am in the process of organizing my *To Do* lists into *computer plugged in* and *computer unplugged* categories. Since we have a 100 (almost) year old house. we unplug the computer, copier, and other important electronics when it rains.

The good news (I think *smile*) is that I have plenty to do in both categories. In the *unplugged* category, I have a Free chart for Fratelli Graziano to get stitched. I also have the new (blue) Shady Lady to stitch, but the deadline for the FG Freebie is closer.

There is also plenty of other work, such as shoveling out the Quilt Studio. All of this is very much on my mind since the Weather Channel is predicting rain for the next couple of days. If I seem slow in answering emails or writing each night, this could be the reason! *VBG*

The upside is that this is a WONDERFUL house in which to hear the rain!

Have a safe and happy Tuesday

Wednesday Lunchtime April 21, 2004

I have CNN.com's Weather for Richmond on the other monitor and BOY, does it look like we have MAJOR storm(s) coming this way!

I'm trying to do a little bit of computer stuff right now, since it looks as though I'll have everything turned off for the rest of the day and possible into tonight and tomorrow...As I've said before, it isn't like I don't have a LOT of non-computer items on my *To DO* list! LOL

It is getting very gray here...the Studio has grey green walls and one of my big fluorescent lights is MIA so I feel like I'm in a cave with a penlight! Maybe this will be the impetus for me to fix the fluorescent light! *VBG*

Have a safe and happy rest of Wednesday!
Thursday AM April 22, 2004

I'm up VERY early today...it is raining and it looks as though it will be doing so all day. I'm trying to get email and other related stuff dealt with, anticipating having the computer turned off for most of the day with T'storms coming thru!

I'm planning to stitch the
Fratelli Graziano Freebie today. I hadn't realized how long it has been since I last stitched. I was looking for my staple gun and Magnifier light...couldn't find them anywhere! I finally asked Jeffrey and after a little thought, he went to a box and pulled them out. They were in a big ziplock bag with my other stitching stuff which I hadn't unpacked since my cross country trip. I got back from that in Mid-February! YIKES!

A gray, rainy Thursday seems a perfect stitching day to me! LOLOL

Have a safe and happy Thursday!

Friday Afternoon April 23, 2004

I'm going to write short and fast today, since I'm online between T'storms... ;-)

A friend just called to tell me that she figured out how to get names out of the accounting program we both use and on to labels for a mailing list...I haven't done a pre-show mailing for some time, but maybe I need to consider doing one for Columbus...hmmmm....if I do it on post cards, it shouldn't be too terribly expensive.

As the weather gets warmer, Guido get less cuddly...sigh...he is a doublecoated Mastiff and he gets too warm. He still starts the night on the bed, because he IS *The Bed Dog* but he moves down to the floor in front of his personal box fan after only a short time...it means that I have room to stretch out comfortably, but I still miss him! LOLOL He is such a sweetie!

Have a safe and happy rest of Friday!
Sunday PM April 25, 2004

I am stitching the final bits of the Freebie for
Fratelli Graziano and I'm very happy with how it looks. Of course, being as task oriented as I am, I will be staying up until I finish it! LOLOL

The Fratelli Graziano design is my closest deadline and once I have it finished, I'll switch over to some of my longer term projects and start chipping away at them. I am working on a new Quilt related book and will be introducing a new *Alphabets for Duplicate Stitch and Knitting* in June, so I guess I'd better get busy! *VBG*

Meanwhile I've been giving serious thought to ways we can rearrange furniture in this warehouse we call home. We aren't utilizing the space as effectively as we could be, but the amount of effort to make the changes I envision is rather daunting!

Have a safe and happy Monday!

Monday PM April 26, 2004

I'm back working on *Following the Thread* after a period of neglect...once I get the membership areas working, I'll be able to really focus on it and create what I see in my dreams. ;-)

I take the FG Freebie to the framer tomorrow. My friend Sherri is an incredibly talented framer and I can't wait to see what she comes up with!

I was just starting to work on the new Duplicate Stitch and Knitting book when the weather started acting up tonight, so I had to unplug the 'puters... Back to work tomorrow, probably while I watch the Forensic Files marathon tomorrow night on CourtTV! LOLOLOL

I also redesigned the hat on the newest Shady Lady. I think I really like this version, so I'll paint the canvas and start stitching!

Have a safe and happy Tuesday!
Tuesday PM April 27, 2004

It pains me to admit it but I discovered today that Guido's loyalty and trustworthiness has limits... avocados! I was fixing an avocado sandwich for lunch today and the finished sandwich was sitting on the edge of the counter. I was about 18" away and had my back turned, getting a soda out of the refrigerator when he snagged the top piece of bread. I jumped up and down and waved my arms about and was totally ignored...every fiber of his being was focused on the remaining half of the sandwich which contained the coveted avocado.

I turned away to get the bread from its place of safety on top of the refrig (these are BIG dogs! LOL) and when I turned back I was just in time to rescue what remained for my lunch. I chased him out of the room and started to fix the replacement piece and saw, out of the corner of my eye, Guido creeping back in, low to the ground and eyes fixed on the prize...I ended up grabbing the sandwich and eating it right there...standing in the kitchen ...sigh...

Have a safe and happy Wednesday!
Wednesday PM April 28, 2004

I took the
Fratelli Graziano design to be framed today. My friend, Sherri, the framer, has an incredible eye to begin with, and she had the PERFECT frame from a new company...we were BOTH quite excited. It is going to be spectacular.

I'm going to try to get the new Shady Lady canvas painted tonight so I can mount it and start stitching...CONCEPT! LOLOLOLOL What!?! Get some work done!?! YIKES! LOLOLOLOL

I managed to sneak into the kitchen and get my avocado sandwich made today before Guido even noticed. He came in just as I was taking my first bite. HA! Sometimes it is the small things that mean a lot. *VBG*

Current Score:
Cute Blonde...1   vs   Handsome Brindle...1

Have a safe and happy Thursday!


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