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May 2004

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Monday AM May 3, 2004

I'm up early, raring to go and with a *To Do* list filled with exciting things ...most of them design related! *VBG*

After a lot of discussion, we decided to put my Applique Alphabets books into CD format. Each letter is a separate PDF file. The GREAT thing about this is that someone with the CD version of the book can print any given letter out directly onto freezer paper (provided her printer accepts freezer paper) and skip all of those tedious tracing chores! I am in the process of designing the CD covers. The book versions and CD versions will be sold separately and priced the same, since the intellectual property is the same. I know a lot of folks will want the paper version, but I suspect a large number will prefer CD format...and we'll have it! LOL

I have a LOT of new canvas designs I need to start getting out of my head and onto paper and then on to canvas. I have about 5 weeks till the show...

I also need to get cracking on the next book, *Tink's Second Big Book of Alphabets for Duplicate Stitch and Knitting*.

I've also decided to put a couple of Monogram Alphabets from *Marvelous Monograms* on the website so interested stitchers can see what they are like. Unfortunately, I can't do a fast PDF conversion of the pages so I need to figure out the best way to get them online.

Anyway, I'm up early and I'm juiced... sooooo, on to work!

Have a safe and happy Monday!
PS: I forgot to mention ...I've started stitching the new Shady Lady! LOLOLOL

Monday PM May 3, 2004

Boy, today has been a busy and exciting one! I got a call, first thing and...Ta Da! I've picked up a NEW (and very BIG) distributor! I've been whacking my head on the tops of doorways all day, I've been floating so high off of the ground! LOLOLOL

I finished the other season designs to go with the Fratelli Graziano Autumn design and they are really GREAT (if I do say so myself...) Now I want to stitch them and show them off at Columbus, but since FG is using one of them as a freebie, I'm not sure whether it will be a sensible use of resources...hmmmmm......

I've been working on sketches for new painted canvas designs and things are starting to cook....

While I didn't get everything finished that I hoped to, today has been a VERY exciting, creative, and productive day! YIPPEE!!!!!

Have a safe and happy Tuesday!
Wednesday PM May 5, 2004

I took a busman's holiday for part of today and spent time trying to organize the magazines in the Quilt Studio. ;-) I have a lot of them, and not a lot of space. We do have a little bookcase space in a room upstairs and I think I may need to store some of them up there...what can I say? We are bursting at the seams here! LOLOL

I've started stitching the new Shady Lady's dress...I am trying the idea I planned...I think it will work work but when I have extra time (and she will be making her debut in the middle of June) I also like to stitch a bit, then wait and come back and look. ;-)

She is two shades of blue with Gold accents and some REALLY unique and beautiful Lampworked beads as embellishments. I was able to acquire quite a few of them, BUT when they are gone, she'll have to go out of production...

Have a safe and happy Thursday!
Friday AM Update! May 7, 2004

This is a landmark day for me! I just finished completing the paperwork for an ISBN number, which means that my books will be considered *REAL* books in the publishing/business universe!

I have a new design, originally in cross stitch, that would make a FABULOUS Applique Quilt design...I don't have time to work on it right now, but I think I might try to shop for fabric tomorrow... LOLOL Naughty, I know! LOLOL

I managed to print a whole lot of book covers on the wrong paper yesterday because I was distracted by the ISBN stuff...sigh... So today, I'll finish re-printing. However, while I felt stoopid, it was a minor mistake to make in the scheme of things...

I have the desktop and laptop networked, so I run the big printer off of the laptop, which leaves the desk top available for graphics intensive work. I had been VERY reluctant to spend the $$ on the laptop (I'm Scottish and Dutch, you know *WEG*) but it has more than justified the expenditure in the 6 months I've owned it!

Have a safe and happy rest of Friday!
Sunday PM May 9, 2004

Happy Mother's Day to all of you mothers out there!

It seems as though warm weather is finally here...I had to turn the AC on on the first floor on Saturday. I think we've had two 80 degree days in a row. I'd like to get the house plants outside for the summer, but the weather is sooo changeable here, the date recommended is May 15...so, I guess I'll wait, just to be on the safe side. ;-)

I am expecting the ISBN paperwork on Wednesday or Thursday, please keep all fingers and toes crossed!

I was going to buy fabric on Saturday for my new Quilt design, but decided that I'd better wait. I have so much to do for the TNNA Show in June and I can't afford to have anything pull my focus. I'm thinking Bali Batiks for the design and they are what Jeffrey liked as well. *VBG*

Have a safe and happy Monday!
Monday PM May 10, 2004

Well, today was a very productive day, I'm happy to say. I think that there were two factors at work...the first is that I jumped from project to project, depending on my mood...for some reason, this REALLY ups my productivity. ;-)

The second was that the TV/cable connection was funky...I'll bet if I set the TV for just CNN and the Weather Channel. I'd REALLY get things done! *VBG*

I'm painting a new set of canvases for the June show. They are the Four Seasons and I'm pretty excited about them. They ARE stitch painted, which I hate, but they are easier to paint than most of mine. These I could manage without a lot of angst! LOLOL

Have a safe and happy Tuesday!
Tuesday PM May 11, 2004

I finished the new 4 Seasons canvases tonight. They are pretty cool. Jeffrey is going to take pictures of them tomorrow. I'm trying to avoid doing things at the last minute, as we get ready for the trade show next month.

I am working on the design for the labels and cases for CD versions of my Applique Alphabet books. I'm really excited about this idea. Each letter is in it's own PDF file which means that they can be printed right onto freezer paper (if your printer is willing) and many of the tracing steps are eliminated... They should be available next month!

I hoping that the ISBN paperwork will arrive tomorrow. Please keep all appendages crossed for me! *VBG*

Today Jeffrey picked the first Peony of the season. It is sitting on the table in the living room. It is a deep rich red. I really think that Peonies might be my favorite flower! LOL

Have a safe and happy Wednesday!
Thursday AM May 13, 2004

Well, I'm up after a brief nap and after going to bed VERY late! I was getting the CD samples ready to be sent overnight mail to my distributors for the Spring Quilt Market next week! I had the CD labels and covers designed, but needed to finesse them and print the samples...and it ended up taking somewhere between 8-10 hours yesterday...most of it last night...Who would have thunk it! LOLOL

Jeffrey just took the three packages to the post office, so everything should be taken care of! WHEW!

Anyway, in spite of a mere 3 hours sleep/nap/whatever, I'm starting to get VERY excited about offering my Applique Alphabet books in CD format. One of the WONDERFUL results of this is that, with a cooperative printer, the individual letters can be printed in their 6" size directly onto freezer paper.

So, feeling tired but productive, I'm heading upstairs for a nap. Because it is a business day, I'll take the phone so that I can answer if anyone calls...  Can you say *Workaholic* ? Once I'm back at work this afternoon, I'm going to shovel off the desk and get ready for the next big push...getting *Tink's 2nd Big Book of Alphabets for Duplicate Stitch and Knitting* ready to go to the printer, since it is being released at the TNNA Show next month. YIKES!

Have a safe and happy Thursday!
Monday AM May 17, 2004

OK...I am officially stressed about Columbus... LOLOL

This is the first time I've had to get ready for the Spring Quilt Market and Columbus at the same time. I am happy that I don't have to BE at Quilt Market this year, but it was a struggle to get stuff to my NEW (*VBG*) distributors in such a short time frame. Next time, I'll be planning on all of this from the very beginning.. LOL

It is a gorgeous spring morning here...the peonies are in bloom and I have 2 large vases filled with white AND dark red in the living room...my favorites!

I am expecting to spend most of the next week tied to the computer, preparing for Columbus. I'm going to try and print the price lists and catalogs much earlier, so they can be packed and ready to go long before we need them!

I DO have new canvas designs I want to get painted, but for right now, I'll be fitting them in around the other work. Since we are in T'storm season, it will be good to have stuff I can work on when I have the computers unplugged.

Have a safe and happy Monday!
Tuesday PM May 18, 2004

I've been pretty productive the last two days.  ;-)

I've been parked in front of the TV and working on Maria, my laptop. I've made good progress on the Duplicate Stitch and Knitting book. I'm hoping to get a massive amount accomplished on it this week...IF I can stay focused and not get derailed! LOLOL

I'm also working on learning the software needed to produce the CDs for the Applique Alphabet books. My Dad was one of those people who could learn just about anything from books, and thank goodness I inherited that from him...it helps make up for the bum knees he also contributed! *VBG* Now, finally, I may be able to *become one with PDFs* LOL

Jeffrey is working hard painting the foundation of the house. We've had new siding and a foundation that didn't match for the last 8 or 9 months...it has become a town joke! ;-) The new color is LOOKIN' GOOD!

Have a safe and happy Wednesday!
Thursday PM May 20, 2004

I ended up having the 'puter unplugged for a large part of yesterday, due to the weather. Welcome to KY in the spring! LOL

Today I have been reworking my CorelDraw files to get them organized into the structure needed for the PDF files for the CDs. I had to upgrade from CorelDraw8 to CorelDraw12 in order to do this. Usually, I am slow to upgrade software, in part because I'm Scottish and Dutch and thus REALLY frugal *smile* and in part because I believe that it is *better the devil you know*! LOLOL  This time however, I'm really appreciating the upgrades and improvements that have been made in CorelDraw.

I've gotten quite a bit accomplished, but I'll have to see what happens with the weather tomorrow. I have several different tasks planned for times when the 'puter has to be unplugged. ;-)

Meanwhile, Jeffrey has been working VERY hard painting the house foundation. It is looking REALLY good and I'm happy with the color choice.

Have a safe and happy Friday!
Sunday AM May 23, 2004

Well, this season's *birds in the house* count is up to 3 (with a possible 4). I had a bird in the house on Friday, early evening. I couldn't get it out of the kitchen. It flew into the hole in the ceiling left from the time I had to pry another bird out of there about 2 years ago...on of the problems with utilizing the Scarlet O'Hara Procrastination Techniques on home improvement projects. ;-)

In the past, we've had birds work their way from the space between the first and second floors to emerge out of the Dining Room (actually my studio) pocket doors. I don't know where this bird came out, but (hoping it was the same bird and not bird number four) on Saturday morning, Jeffrey caught it from behind a window shade in our bedroom and safely released it.

I'm gearing up, getting ready for Columbus and am on the verge of official *Deer in the Headlights* mode...sigh....the *To Do* list is pretty long and we have several large wrenches that may be thrown into the works. We'll just have to wait and see what happens. Meanwhile, I'm tap dancing pretty fast! LOLOLOL

Have a safe and happy rest of Sunday!
Monday PM May 24, 2004

We had a BIG storm here this evening and lost the lights for a minute or so. By the time I had fished the flashlight out of my purse, the electricity had come back on. This is a GREAT house for listening to the rain, and it is fun (during less intense storms) to sit on the front porch and watch the rain. ;-)

Jeffrey took the color copier into the Costume Shop and is printing out the color catalog pages. He worked on it last night, today, and tonight...and with luck, he should finish tomorrow. He bought a timer and sets it for how long the copier will be running and then goes into his office and plays his current computer game. It keeps him happy and makes me VERY happy! LOLOL

Have a safe and happy Tuesday!
Wednesday AM May 26, 2004

It looks as though we are going to be dodging T'storms in a major way, this week. YEEESH!!!!!

The upside is that I have LOTS of non-computer work I can do, so I'm not losing time. ;-) The downside is that I have a LOT of VERY IMPORTANT computer work with a deadline! LOLOLOL

I've moved all of the house plants off of the porch and into the front yard so they are getting watered well! *VBG*

Jeffrey took the rest of the price lists to be copied today and he is putting the finishing touches on the catalog copying, so, fingers crossed, he'll get everything collated tomorrow. That will leave us with just the *Special Announcement* pages which always happen at the last minute anyway.

Have a safe and happy Wednesday!
Friday AM May 28, 2004

I'm working odd (early AND late) hours here, trying to dodge the storms... I have a LOT of computer work that has to happen in the next 12 days or so, and I turn off/unplug the computers in bad weather. This means, of course, that my daily posting may get somewhat erratic... just to let you know. *VBG*

As a matter of fact, the weather was so bad here last night that 2 of our local TV affiliates ceased 2 hours of their Primetime programming and simply gave local weather info during that time. The emergency sirens in one of the affected counties wasn't working and they were also trying to fill in that gap. Our sirens went off once...  All in all, an exciting time (but thankfully uneventful here) was had by all!

Meanwhile, I am starting the day using both my desktop computer and laptop at the same time... thank goodness for the laptop. ;-)

If I can accomplish all that I need/want to today, I might allow myself some sewing time this weekend... please keep fingers and toes crossed for me!

Have a safe and happy Friday!

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