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June 2003

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Monday June 30, 2003 8AM

I was up about an hour ago but needed to put some time in my Teaching Proposal for the TNNA January Trade Show, which I have to submit today.

I'm finding myself excited about the start of this week because I am switching to a PlannerPad organizer and today starts it (it is a July-June schedule) Silly to be excited about something so simple...now you know why Jeffrey calls me a *cheap date* and my Mom calls me a *simple soul*. LOL

I really need something like the PlannerPad with all of the *Following the Thread* details I need to handle.

I am going to send the *Following the Thread* website up to the Great Server in the Sky today so Jeffrey can help me figure out the membership software...sigh...He'll be on his computer at school, I'll be here in the Studio and we'll be talking on the phone so he can test it all live for me. Should be exciting...yeah right! *VBG*

Tomorrow I'll probably announce what it is...if ANYBODY has guessed correctly, email me! I hope to have the site running by the end of the week. ;-)

Have a happy Monday!
Friday June 27, 2003 6:45AM

Well. for better or worse, I do seem to be on an *early to rise* schedule. ;-(

Yesterday was pretty hectic, but I didn't get very much accomplished on my actual *To Do* list. I had some interesting new developments/opportunities come up for TB-DN...I don't want to jinx anything, so all I'll say for now is *Please keep your fingers and toes crossed*!

I have a phone appt. this AM with a Shop Owner regarding *Following the Thread* and I think I'll spend the couple of hours before then shoveling off my desk. I seem to be awash in papers.

I've put together the *need to fill orders* list from Columbus and need to refine it further. I'm still working on the best way to organize this, so things don't get delayed or lost. One of the things I'm finding most challenging about having my business is the need to invent all of the paper work strategies form scratch. In my previous life, paperwork was not much of an issue...sigh...

Jeffrey is taking Mams'elle and Guido to the vet today. Dr. K is one of Guido's favorites, because she bribes him shamelessly. Jeffrey started taking them by himself, in most cases, because Tino was overly protective of me and spent his time guarding me, if I was there. If he knew I was safe at home, the big guy was much more relaxed and easier to handle.

Have a happy Friday!
Wednesday...Oops! I mean Thursday!  June 26, 2003 6:30AM

We're Baack! *VBG*

Actually we got in on Tuesday, but I was pretty tired...not a lot of sleep, and LOTS of energy expended.

We had a great show and I think next year, when the 2 summer Trade Shows are combined, it will be unbelievable! I CAN"T WAIT!!!!

We have Charlotte coming up in 2 weeks. Peg Edwards and I showed together for the first time under our new name
*Peg and Tink Ink* LOL

Writing orders for each other's designs was fun but harried. She has all of hers numbered (of course) and I don't (go figure *VBG*). Needless to say she made a (very reasonable) request that I number mine....YIKES!

Jeffrey, wonderful guy that he is, has volunteered to take care of it. Because the timing on Charlotte is so close this year, he needs to get started yesterday! LOL Actually, he's going to start tomorrow and that will be fine, but between that and the new catalogs we'll be needing and binding the big book order I just placed, he's going to be a busy bee!

Meanwhile, after all of the early mornings of the show, I'm on a get up early schedule, which wouldn't be bad except that I'm still going to bed late....Hmmmmm......note to self: Get some SLEEP!!!!!

I made the announcement about *Following the Thread* at the show and people were very excited. I'll give an announcement here tomorrow. I hope to have it online in the next week or so.

Another bit of good news...when we got home, the new Keepsake NeedleArts Catalog - Summer 2003 was here in the mail, and the Alphabet books (except the one I just introduced) are in it....page 75. *VBG*

Oh, and the 50% off black silk skirt looked great!

Have a happy Wednesday or Thursday! *VBG*
Whichever you are having! LOL
Thursday June 19, 2003 AM

Well, off to Market today, probably leaving later than I'd like. The To Do list seems endless...

I'll be offline, so there won't be updates for a while. *VBG*

I'm introducing *Following the Thread* there and will be trying to get the web site up and running ASAP after I get back. I'll have a bit of testing time and then...I'll make the official announcement and give the URL! I CAN'T wait!!!!!!

I ended up getting a long black, washable silk skirt instead of those pants that were on my list...for 50% off. I can deal with that!

I have the last of the collating to do...and then I'll get started on my packing, etc. ;-)

Have a happy Thursday!
Tuesday June 17, 2003 PM

Jeffrey is collating and stapling...determined to stay up til he has it done! I'm so glad not to be doing it myself.

He has most of the stuff fore the show gathered in the living room, on the couch. We scored a bunch of large wheeled suitcases at Big Lots real cheap *VBG* and they are lined up like soldiers in the quilt studio waiting to be loaded.

The dog sitter came by to feed the dogs and remind them that she is a friend...mastiffs are pragmatists...if she is willing to make din (and show no fear LOL), they'll let her in the house!

I'm putting the finishing touches on Following the Thread...and the web site WILL go online next week...sometime! LOLOL

I'll be introducing it at Columbus...it will be interesting to see what kind if reaction it gets. It is a fairly radical concept, so I expect it to take a while to catch on.

I have a pre-Columbus hair appt tomorrow...and I'm really looking forward to it!

Have a happy Wednesday!
Tuesday June 17, 2003 AM

This is just a quick update...as things are getting more hectic by the moment! Last night I spent from 8PM til 1AM printing price lists...and poor Jeffrey spent much of that time collating them. We have most of the catalog/price lists printed and collated, but not all...sigh...Jeffrey has been muttering about new *circles of H**L* LOLOL

Today I have a *Following the Thread* appt...and then LOTS of computer work to get things ready for Columbus.

We seem to be missing a major stitched model and I'm so focused/stressed about other things, I just shrugged it off! Where it could be, I don't have a clue... ;-)

Have a happy Tuesday!
Sunday June 15, 2003 PM

It is only 11PM but I'm giving serious thought to going to bed early!
Jeffrey has been collating 300 copies of a 7 page handout about *Following the Thread*. He'd assemble one, shake it at me, say *I love you* in a mournful voice and then staple it! *VBG*

We started with 300 but I need to call TNNA tomorrow and get expected figures on exhibitors and attendees. I've got a feeling we'll be printing a bunch more. LOL

Have a happy Monday!
Saturday June 14, 2003 4:05AM

OK, you tell me what is wrong with this picture...sigh....

On the bright side, Jeffrey got all of the new Alphabet books bound, so we'll start shipping the initial orders on Monday. ;-)

The color copier got tired at about 10PM so we turned it off and we're hoping it will be a bit more cooperative in the morning.

I've managed to get myself into a *think of something important and have to get up and check on it in the middle of the night* cycle.

I need some clothes for the Columbus show (a new pair of slacks, at least) and I'm trying to fit a shopping trip into an already tight schedule.

Anyway, I've made the changes I just thought of to the *Following the Thread* Media Kit and I'm getting sleepy enough to go back to bed and quit whining! LOLOL  So....

Have a happy Saturday!
Friday June 13, 2003 2:45AM

Jeffrey is binding the first run of Alphabets - Fun and Fabulous...a FULL week before we needed them for the Columbus Market! This is the best I've done in the last 3 books! *VBG* They look good! LOL

He has moved the color copier to a card table in the living room and is busy copying catalog pages...his first time doing it. This is his week for tedious jobs, poor baby!

Meanwhile, I spent $300 on ink and toner cartridges today! YIKES! If all goes well, this should cover the catalogs for Columbus and Charlotte. I spent about $50 on paper on Wednesday...11 reams! These are the kinds of costs that you spend on a show, above and beyond the booth space, food and hotel bills...sigh...

I finally got most of what I needed from my IHP for the *Following the Thread* web site, but it is so late, I'm not sure it will be practical to go live before the Columbus show. I'll just have to see how things go today and tomorrow (Friday and Saturday)

Have a happy Friday!
Tuesday June 10, 2003 PM

Actually, it is Wednesday AM at 3:30. I had gone to bed but remembered an email I needed to send...I got caught up in a *Following the Thread* problem and worked til 2 AM...I just couldn't stop....

Tomorrow, poor Jeffrey will start all of the copying and preparation for the Columbus show, bless his heart!

I hope to make major progress on *FtT*...I'm still learning that new software, but solved a major problem tonight...but needed to make myself stop and go to bed.

Have a happy Wednesday!
Monday June 9, 2003 PM

So sorry for the delay in posting. I've been up to my eyes in *Following the Thread* this weekend with w major software crisis at dinner time on Friday. I was pretty upset and moped around for an hour or so and then gave myself an attitude adjustment with a few rousing choruses of *Put on a Happy Face* .

I won't be giving up my day job for a singing career, but Guido and Mam'selle were the only ones around to hear and they love me no matter what, especially considering I'm a major soft touch when it comes to cookies!

I spent Saturday learning new editing software...not in my original plans but probably a good thing in the long run.

If all goes well, I'll have *Following the Thread* online next week! Keep your fingers crossed. It's going to be an exciting NEW experience for Needleworkers and Quilters!

Have a great Tuesday!
Thursday June 5, 2003 PM

Well, I'm getting ready to go to bed...I'm exhausted, but VERY relieved that Alphabets - Fun and Fabulous is ready be put into the hands of Julia, my printer....

I've been so busy with *Following the Thread* since January, the new Alphabet book is about all I have new for the summer shows...sigh....

I finally got the web site info for *FtT* so I'll be working hard on getting it online early next week. It will be a BUSY weekend! *VBG*

Have a happy Friday!

Thursday June 5, 2003 AM

OK, The Columbus Show panic has officially started. I had thought it would hit me on June 1, but it didn't hit until just now when I typed the date! YIKES!!!!!!!!!!

The first order of business for today is the Alphabet book mock up. I'll clean off the work table in the living room...a lovely antique mission library table...although who can tell since it is ALWAYS covered with an oilcloth tablecloth and LOTS of TB-DN stuff! LOLOL

Then back to work on *Following the Thread*...the clock is ticking.

Next week, we'll be moving the color copier onto the above mentioned library table and Jeffrey will be in charge of the printing  and copying for the Columbus and Charlotte shows...needless to say, he's thrilled to death! *VBG*

Well, off to panic!

Have a happy rest of Thursday!

Happy Dance 2:34PM
Alphabets - Fun and Fabulous is packed up, backed up, and ready to be dropped off at the printer tomorrow! WHEW!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday June 4, 2003 AM

On Monday, I reorganized the phone numbers I keep on my monitors. *VBG* I write them on removable tape using a Sharpie and then tape them to the monitor. I've recently switched to Dual Monitors, effectively doubling my phone number space...and I had some numbers I was tired of looking up, so this was my solution. Now here is the dilemma, while Jeffrey and I agree that the action was a *token* effort  ;-)  I call it *token housekeeping* and he calls it *token organization*. What do y'all think?

Also, many thanks to the kind folks who pointed out that I got the date wrong on Monday. What can I say, I'm NOT a morning person...I only got up today because I was having a *Following the Thread* stress dream! LOLOL

I have some specific, Columbus related items on today's To Do list...and I'm proud to announce that Alphabets - Fun and Fabulous will be going to the printer on Friday. I just have to print out copies of one Alphabet and then organize the pages, which I'll probably try to do tonight.

I worked on the *Following the Thread* web site last night. I had asked Jeffrey to *ghost write*  a background explanation I could use for the *About* page and I ended up using almost all of it! Thank you, Jeffrey!

Have a happy rest of Wednesday!

Monday June 2, 2003 AM

The first early morning in what I expect will be a looong week of them...have I mentioned lately that I'm a night owl! *VBG*

I got a tremendous amount done on Alphabets - Fun and Fabulous! I had a crisis Saturday night and had to make manual changes to every single page...think somewhere between 60 and 80, I decided I didn't want an exact count! Some friends from a Yahoo Group were kind enough to join me on chat and that really helped pass the 3+ hours.

Sunday, I finished all but one of the charts and printed out 3 copies of all of the pages...another long, tedious job!

Meanwhile, I got some issues resolved regarding the upcoming *Following the Thread* website...after spending most of the afternoon terrorizing someone at Support for a software package I purchased, bless his heart!

Have a happy rest of Monday!

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