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June 2004

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Tuesday  Early Evening June 1, 2004

WHOA baby! What weather we are having! YIKES! I lost track of the number of storms that blasted thru here on Sunday...the Weather Alert sirens went off numerous times. I am spending FAR more time offline than on. I told Jeffrey that if he hadn't copied all of the catalogs and price lists already, and we hadn't gotten the new Duplicate Stitch and Knitting Alphabet book to the printer on Saturday morning, I'd be a basket case!

As it is, I'm stitching away on the newest Shady Lady and working on some new Hand Painted Canvas designs... all work that is low-tech/non-computer related.

I had a phone call from one of my new Quilting distributors last week and in the course of chatting, she mentioned how happy they were with the initial 2 months of sales on my Applique Alphabet books... YIPPEE!!!!!!!

Just a reminder that my posts may be erratic due to the weather... at least I'm getting LOTS of good work done... just as long as we don't lose power all together! LOLOL

Have a safe and happy Wednesday!
Wednesday PM June 2, 2004

I started the day with a hair appt...always a fun thing and even better, Wonda did a GREAT job, as always.... ;-)

It looks as though we are in for a couple of days of sun. Yippee!! We are so wet around here we squish when we walk! LOLOL

I spent this evening working on Stitch Diagrams for a designer friend. Have I mentioned I LOVE my laptop. I can sit in the living room, watching Court-TV (I'm addicted to forensics programs) and still be productive.. I LOVE it! LOLOL

I have a full day tomorrow, but feel as though things are going pretty well. I AM a bit worried about having enough thread to finish the Shady Lady. I can't get more locally so I might have to call Kreinik tomorrow... sigh... I swear, every time I look at her, the unstitched areas have gotten larger... bless my baby heart!

Have a safe and happy Thursday!
Friday PM June 4, 2004

Interestingly enough, it rained all day today...when they predict 30%, we always get pounded. When they predict 60%, feel free to plan a picnic. ;-)

I spent yesterday working on CD catalogs for my friends at the Elizabeth Turner Collection. They have an extensive line of beautiful canvases for purses and shoes, among other things. If they could make the shoes with soft soles, I'd be collecting NP shoes...I just LOVE them!

Late last night, I ran into a crisis with the new Shady Lady. I had already been worried about having enough thread for her wings/sleeves and suddenly the new card of thread was missing... so I guess we'll be finding out just how digestible a card of Rainbow Gallery Flair can be...sigh...

So...as a result, poor Jeffrey had to run into Lexington first thing in the AM, to get more (which they had, thank goodness!) Now I need to get back to stitching, and keeping a closer watch on my thread. Unfortunately, Guido can reach just about everywhere...hmmm....maybe the top of the refrigerator??? ...hmmmm......

Have a safe and happy Saturday!
Sunday AM June 6, 2004

I'm up early, trying to get a seemingly endless *To Do* list whittled down...please note that I am suffering NO illusions regarding my ability to accomplish everything on the list...we have reached the point where I'm *prioritizing*  BIG TIME! LOLOL

Jeffrey just called from the Costume Shop... in January, while packing the van at the end of the TNNA Long Beach show, I lost the main stone (a ruby) out of my engagement ring.

At Jeffrey's insistence, (bless his heart), we took it to the jewelers and had it replaced. I have been wearing the ring with the NEW stone for a couple of months now.

Well, he was unloading the first batch of the new book (*Tink's SECOND Big Book of Alphabets for Duplicate Stitch and Knitting*) when what does he see but a sparkle caught in a channel near the sliding door. Thinking it was a sequin from a costume, he dug it out and glanced at it. JUST before he was going to pitch it to the side, it occurred to him that it might be the ruby. Close inspection proved this to be true! *VBG*

So....now I have one ring and two rubies! LOLOLOL Who would have thunk! Six months later...

Well...back to work...YIKES!!!!! 


Have a safe and happy Sunday!
Monday PM June 7, 2004

Today was a busy one putting out fires (figuratively speaking) and trying to get stuff done...

I am getting VERY excited about my 4 *last minute* canvases...why is it the the last minute ideas are the best...hmmmm... something to consider...

Tonight, I stitched on the new Shady Lady... she seems destined to suffer from thread shortages... tomorrow I need to make an emergency call to Kreinik...sigh...

Jeffrey spent the evening packing... all in all (unless I have forgotten something major) we seem to be in good shape. Tomorrow I'll be working on signage (fingers crossed we don't have storms and I can run the puter all day)

I'm VERY tired so, off to bed. ;-)

Have a safe and happy Tuesday LOL
Friday AM June 18, 2004

Lucie, I'm home......!

We are back safe and sound from the big summer Trade Show in Columbus. We had a GREAT time visiting and planning with the MANY talented folks in this industry. The last night, after all was packed, Jeffrey and I had dinner with Letha Welch, Teresa Wentzler and Jennifer Aikman-Smith....so I am claiming *Honorary Dragonhood*. LOLOLOL

We are full of plans and ready to start organizing... quite a daunting task, considering the state of the house. ;-)

On the home front...under the category of *Fun Facts to Know and Tell* regarding Guido the bed dog... he likes to lie straight on his haunches with his front legs stretched out in front and his head cradled between his forelegs. (He looks a LOT like a BIG rubber rat *smile*). Today for the first time I was actually able to measure him, in reference to me...he was all stretched out alongside me (a full body hug). The base of his tail was at my ankle and his nose was all they way up under my arm...and I'm 5' 8" tall! YIKES!!!!!  Thank goodness we got the Queen sized bed last summer!

PS: Kreinik came thru with the additional thread...the package was waiting when I got home! *VBG* Thank you, Dena!

Have a safe and happy Friday!

Wednesday PM June 23, 2004

I am FINALLY starting to get caught up on my sleep...and am trying to get organized and decide how I can best utilize my time between now and the Houston Quilt Show...YIKES!

I have been laying out the Show schedule for the next year...I use a Planner Pad organizer that runs from July to June so in my calendar universe, this is the end of a year! LOL

I'm working on some new Quilt-related projects and planning what needs to be designed for when...I'm working on a new HPC (Hand Painted Canvas) series for the January Show and hope that by starting now, I can introduce a large number of canvas designs. In the HPC world, designers generally introduce MANY more designs at the 2 large Trade shows than Counted Thread designers and I've been slacking off lately...I need to get my ACT in gear here! *VBG*

We have decided to have several of the latest Counted Thread designs re-stitched on different color ground fabric and see how they look. ;-) Thank goodness for Ghoststitchers...it is one task off of the *To Do* list that I can delegate.

Tomorrow's project is organizing/clearing off my desk so things are more efficient and paperwork (in which I am drowning) can better be controlled. I'm considering investing in a software program to help with that, but I'm not totally decided...I find the price of the software a bit steep...and I'm not sure that I'll be disciplined enough to use it. ;-(

Have a safe and happy Thursday!
Thursday PM June 24,2004

I'm still organizing the desk...need to go to the Office Superstore to pick up some file folders and other assorted *Organizing* toys... I'm also putting info into Address book and Planner Pad as I work. ;-)

I got a bunch of misc. stuff dealt with today and have more stuff tomorrow... got a BIG order from a Distributor (Bigger then I expected) YIPPEE!!! LOL

I'm listening to a GREAT recorded book so I'll probably put time in editing pictures of the next update on the Elizabeth Turner Collections catalog.

Have a safe and happy Friday!
Saturday AM June 26, 2004

Yesterday I was able to have the puter on long enough in the AM to get email...and then...the storms came. ;-)

It rained off and on all day so I kept all of the electronics unplugged. Fortunately(?) I had plenty of other stuff to do, so while it was a quiet day, it was not unproductive.

I did come up with a working title for my next book project...but I didn't write it down and now, of course,  I can't remember it! ;-(
Curses...foiled again! LOLOLOL

I have quite a bit of work laid out for this weekend...keep your fingers crossed that the weather holds!

Have a safe and happy Saturday!

Tuesday PM June 29, 2004

I spent yesterday figuring out ISBN numbers and EAN13 barcodes...no small task...including figuring out the software for printing the little guys... YIKES!!!!

We have finished affixing them to the books and the order will ship tomorrow! YIPPEE!!!!!

We have been going great guns on getting my *To Do* list dealt with and I'm starting to enjoy a feeling of accomplishment. ;-)

Have a safe and happy Wednesday!

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