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July 2003

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Wednesday July 23, 2003 PM

I'm on the last round of canvas painting and can't WAIT to be finished. I have lots of work ahead of me...including 3 different books I'm working on.

I'm a beta tester for the next upgrade on PatternmakerPro and told Scott that I'll be giving the program a real work out over the next few weeks.

I'm also working on scheduling shows for the rest of the year for *Following the Thread* (fttRadio.com) and trying, with limited success, to catch up on my sleep. ;-(

I have actually missed writing here each night or starting the day...I am finding that it helps me focus my thoughts. ;->

Have a happy Thursday!
Friday July 18, 2003 AM

Well, we're back from Charlotte. My body arrived late Monday, but the brain didn't get here until this AM. I'm STILL waiting for my typing fingers! LOLOL

Charlotte was pretty interesting...and turned out to be the transition show we expected. We have been offered some exciting new opportunities, so I'm trying to get organized on those. Boy, do I have LOTS of work to do between now and January! YIKES!

I'm trying to buckle down and finish my painting, so I can move on to the other stuff. With several new books in process, I am beginning to feel that the computer and I *are as one* !

Our garden has been doing well, with Jeffrey harvesting peppers since we got back. Because Charlotte was earlier this year, I won't miss the height of blackberry season. They are starting to ripen now...YUMMMMM....

Have a safe and happy rest of Friday!
Monday July 7, 2003 AM

I hope everybody had a safe and happy July 4th. ;-)

Jeffrey and I walked the dogs up to Main Street where we could see the town's fireworks. It was very nice!

Meanwhile, I'm up early today so that I can get some canvas painting taken care of. I'm hoping to get all/most of the orders form Columbus finished before leaving for Charlotte. Having the shows this close together has been tough. I don't know that I'll be able to post much this week, so if there is a long delay, please don't worry! *VBG*

Peg Edwards and I are now showing together and after Columbus, she asked that I number all of my designs to make it easier for her to take orders for me...needless to say, hers ARE numbered. Well, bless his heart, Jeffrey spend Saturday night numbering and labeling all of the painted models. Now I need to put them into the accounting program...but he did the hard work!

In addition, I have 2 *Following the Thread* interviews scheduled for today. I have been interviewing 2 designers who are exhibiting at the shows for the first time...talking with them BEFORE and AFTER.It has been very interesting and I'm lucky that they have been so willing to share. I remember how traumatic my first Charlotte was. WHEW!


Have a safe and happy Monday!
Friday July 4, 2003 AM

Happy Fourth of July!!!!!

We're getting a slow start this morning. ;-)

Everybody slept in, and because it was too warm, Guido, the bed dog, (184lbs, weighed at the vet a week ago) didn't get up on the bed and snuggle me out. *VBG*
I'm his person so he likes to snuggle against me (a GOOD thing) but the bed is only full size and I end up getting snuggled off of the side (a Not so GOOD thing LOL)

I'm not sure what it is, but of our 4 recent mastiffs, it is the big, macho males who are the serious *Snuggle Bunnies* LOLOL

We're going to work on orders today, and I'm still working on *Following the Thread* (a never-ending process).
If you haven't gotten there yet, please check it out at http://fttradio.com

I'm penciling in potential interview with folks I'll be contacting after the Charlotte Needlework Show. ;-) I'm trying for variety and balance so it is like laying out a deck of cards and shuffling it around. If anyone knows of a software program (reasonably priced) to do something like this, please let me know!!!!

Happy Birthday to the U S of A!

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July!
Wednesday July 2, 2003 PM

Ok...things are going relatively well. There have been some technical difficulties with the *Following the Thread* web site and people not being able to access the interviews, but I expected that. On the whole, it is going well. ;-)

The URL is in the process of being switched over. It takes some time but by the weekend everybody should be able to get there.

Drum Roll, please!

Here is the URL...if you can't get there, try again a bit later. *VBG*


If you have technical problems and can explain them and help me sort them out, I'd REALLY appreciate the help! Also, as I figure out solutions, I am posting them on the *Following the Thread* Discussion Forum, so please check there!

Well, back to work...Jeffrey is in the living room watching TV and binding Alphabet books! LOLOL

Have a happy Thursday!
Tuesday July 1, 2003 PM

*Following the Thread* has landed. It is online and being tested and it's URL should be up and available by sometime Thursday!

I am sooo excited! I have been working on this since January...

Anyway, the time has come to tell you what it is! *VBG*

It is *Following the Thread* Internet Radio...a radio station with a needlework channel and a quilt channel. It will have 3-4 interviews/show per channel at any one time, along with a Members area (CLUB Thread) and an area for Shop Owners. The first interviews are a chat with Ken Davis of EasyGrapher software on the NW Channel and a talk about attending the Spring Quilt Market on the Quilt Channel.

The Shows are *On Demand*. You just click on the player and listen. You need Windows Media Player to listen, but I have a link beside each show player.

As soon as I am fairly sure that the URL will work, I'll post it.

Have a happy Wednesday!

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