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July and August 2004

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JULY 2004

Thursday AM July 1, 2004

I've been getting quite a bit of work done the last few days, I'm happy to say.

Today my new Planner Pad goes into effect. I'll be spending part of the day double checking that I have all important info transferred from last year's Planner Pad. *VBG*

The sky is looking cloudy here, so I'm thinking that I'll end up offline for a good portion of the day...hmmmm....wonder what the weather for the weekend is looking like?

Well, just in case...have a safe and happy July Fourth!

Wednesday AM July 7, 2004

I am very sorry for my erratic postings. ;-(

We spent  part of the Holiday weekend in Banner Elk, NC, visiting Peg's new shop *Blue Ridge Needleart and Gifts*. WOW! What a great shop. She is carrying knitting, needlepoint, counted thread, AND quilting. Jeffrey and I hung around and helped out and he attended a *Learn To Knit* class on Saturday AM.

It is official...Jeffrey is a KNITTER! LOLOL

Late last night, I went to Wally World and bought 4 large plastic drawers so that I can organize my fabric stash. I've had it in 3 drawers, stacked on top of each other, but of course, since I bought those drawers a number of years ago, I couldn't just buy a fourth drawer...because they don't have them any more...sigh... so I bought 4 NEW drawers and DH/Jeffrey is going to take over the other 3 drawers for his rapidly growing Yarn and Knitting Needle stash! *VBG*

I'll be trying to post more often...lately we have been having bad storms at night which is when I like to post, so I might have to start posting in the AM more often...

Have a safe and happy Wednesday!
Thursday PM July 8, 2004

I'm plugging away with LOTS to do on the puter over the next week. I have a stitching project I need to get going on so that I have something non-puter related that I can do in the evenings and still be accomplishing things. *VBG*

Tonight, I'm heading in to watch TV (anything forensics LOL) and will be transferring my NW fabric stash into the new drawers that I bought, so Jeffrey can have them for HIS knitting stash. ;-)

Have a safe and happy Friday!
Monday Early AM July 12, 2004

We are in a weather cycle with T storms happening at night and in the evening...which is usually when I post my daily notes, so I'm trying to get on an early morning schedule. I find that I REALLY miss having the opportunity to gather my thoughts, when I don't post... and I miss the contact that writing gives me with all of you stitchers... *VBGI*

I'll be painting canvases today...organizing compute files... I have been cleaning the Studio in small increments...and it is starting to look pretty good. I still need to figure out a way to shoehorn in another bookcase... can anyone lend me a *room stretcher* ?

We have about decided to rip up the wall to wall carpeting in the main living areas...it is pretty bad after all of the years with dogs... and replace them with inexpensive area rugs and/or paint them. The house is about 100 years old and at the time that it was built, often they would just finish the outside edges of the rooms and leave the center areas raw wood...  so we'll have to wait and see what each room is like. Depending on the condition of the wood... we may just paint the floors decoratively... I used to do that type of thing professionally and I'm looking forward to doing it again. ;-)

Have a safe and happy Monday!
Tuesday AM July 13, 2004

I'm up but not as early as yesterday. ;-)

Guido tried nudging me out of bed at 7AM...with his big black (and did I say *cold*?) nose... but I am VERY stubborn (a necessary trait when dealing with a breed that has stubborn as the 2nd word in THEIR breed description LOL) so I just pretended I was asleep. Poor Jeffrey finally got up with him and I stayed inert until 8AM. ;-)  Actually we tag team on this and I got up at 6AM yesterday to let Mams'elle out so I wasn't QUITE as selfish as it sounds. *VBG*

Today is a *listen to a recorded book and PAINT* day! If anyone emails me, there will probably be delays since I tend to unplug the puter so I won't be distracted!

We are currently negotiating on furniture arrangements for the Living Room...then we'll find an area rug...then we'll rip up the old rug and paint the walls and possibly the floor... Should be interesting! Our main problem is that the business (TB-DN) has pretty much taken over the house and we are trying to re-claim it and improve our living conditions...sigh... but the front hall is a main storage area and the Living Room is used for a work space about 40-50% of the time...sigh...

Have a safe and happy Tuesday!
Wednesday AM July 14, 2004

Boy, did we have a BIG, BAD storm last night. It started at about 10PM. The alarm sirens went off just before Jeffrey and I walked over to the convenience store (about a block away) for snacks (I know...not a good habit!) There was lightning but no rain. We were home about 2-3 minutes and all of a sudden, some of the fiercest wind we've ever seen seemed to come out of nowhere. Jeffrey had to run out on the porch and rescue his book and I had to hold the door so he could get back in! Then the rain came! YEESH!

Anyway, the puter was unplugged until this AM...hence, another morning missive. ;-)

I suggested last night that we wait to find an area rug for the living room that we like AND can afford. Meanwhile, we could pick up a berber carpet scrap from the local carpet outlet and get the edges bound for pretty cheap. That is what I have in the quilt studio (it was from my Trade Show set-up). We're going to go look at what is available this afternoon.

Back to painting... I'll probably turn off the computer since I can't stop drifting over between paint steps to check email! *VBG*

I am working on NEW Quilting Applique books and hoped to get them to the printer this week, but I think early next week is more realistic...sigh....

Have a save and happy Wednesday!
Tuesday Lunchtime July 20, 2004

I've been spending the last several days working on a big painted canvas order. When I'm painting, I tend to keep the computer off because it is such a temptation! LOL

I am also working on a new Applique Alphabet book, since I have gotten such a GREAT response with the others! *VBG*

Jeffrey has gotten the old carpet torn out of the living room. My friend Marien suggested that he cut it up in small pieces as he worked to make it easier for the garbage pick up. What a great idea! Because he did it that way, he was able to leave the furniture in the room and just shuffle it around! Next step is to remove the staples that were used on the padding and SCRUB the floor. Because the floor was not finished when the house is built, I think we'll just paint it for now. I don't see a practical way to refinish the floor while we are living in the house...sigh....

Have a safe and happy rest of Tuesday!
Sunday PM July 25, 2004

I can't believe the July is almost over! YIKES!!!! Where has the time gone? Yeesh!

Jeffrey has been excavating the old brick veneer off of the Fireplace in our living room and *mirabilis dictu* the original tile is there and in remarkably good shape! It is a plain white tile. I have wanted the faux brick to go away from before we bought the house, so I'm a happy camper.

Tomorrow they are predicting t'storms so my computer use may be limited. Fortunately (tongue in cheek) I have LOTS of other stuff I need to be working on.

I bought fabric today for a new jacket I'm working on. I'm REALLY happy with what I bought, I just need a design concept for it. ;-)

Have a safe and happy Monday!
Tuesday Lunchtime July 27, 2004

OK...I have officially reached PANIC mode. Where HAS the summer gone? Why is my *To Do* list stretching in front of me, seemingly endless?

I have MASSIVE amounts of computer work ahead of me and feel as though I am just (barely) treading water. YIKES!

At times like this, I sit down with my trusty Planner Pad and start PRIORITIZING! I think that the time has come to re-evaluate and review my plans and expectation. *VBG*

The good news is that I set my own schedule and goals...the bad news is that they are governed by such things as Show Schedules and the need to maximize the interest in new and current products...along with a need to be prescient about what will be doing well in the future. On the whole I find it exhilarating...but occasionally (such as today) it can all be pretty overwhelming.... I think I'll take a deep breath and have a piece of chocolate! LOL

Have a safe and happy rest of Tuesday!
Friday AM July 30, 2004

I spent a MARATHON day on the computer yesterday, finishing up editing the 300+ photos for the catalog that I do for another design company. I just need a couple re-photographed and I'll be ready to start creating the catalog pages. Yippee!!!!

We are going to be having rough weather later today and over the weekend, but I'm prepared...Jeffrey spotted the latest book by Clive Cussler, one of my FAVORITE authors. These are about the only books that I allow myself to purchase in hardcopy at retail when they first come out. *VBG* so....BRING ON THE STORMS!

I am getting ready to dig out my Planner Pad and check this week's *To Do* list. IIRC, there are some relatively small computer tasks that I can probably get taken care of this morning, before the bad weather arrives. I think I'll spend the weekend painting canvases, when I can't use the computer.

Have a safe and happy rest of Friday!


Monday AM August 2, 2004

Exhibiting an unbelievable amount of self-control on Friday, I resisted starting the new Clive Cussler until 3PM when I heard the first peals of thunder. I wouldn't say that Friday was as productive as it could have been...just that Clive wasn't to blame! *VBG* (BTW, I REALLY enjoyed the book! LOL)

I am starting this week with the August calendar laid out on the worktable in the living room while I prioritize for this month, in view of the many unexpected commitments... I am VERY concerned about getting done what needs to be done and I'm DRASTICALLY reshuffling the tasks associated with Quilt Market/Festival in October and November...I've started referring to August as *the lost month*...sigh....

I am also taking inventory of the supplies that I get by mail-order, such as binding combs for the books, so I can stay on top of things and know that I'll have plenty when I need them.....

All in all, it looks to be a planning kind of day!

Have a safe and happy Monday!
Tuesday PM August 3, 2004

Funny Guido Story...

As many of you may remember, Guido is our 190+ lbs, brindle Mastiff boy. (There is a family portrait on the Personal Notes page...he is the big guy in the middle and is not full grown in that picture, btw!) He is our bed dog and generally sleeps between us. On Monday morning, early, I heard a shriek from Jeffrey and he got up angrily. (I, of course, played possum.) He explained later that Guido had given him a hard poke in the ribs with a paw...obviously accidentally, Jeffrey concluded, as Guido was probably just trying to scratch...

Well, this morning, I could feel Guido moving around, and is my habit, I pretended to be asleep, but watched Guido thru slitted eyes. He was sitting up between Jeffrey and me, leaning over slightly...looking intently at me. As I watched, he slowly and deliberately lifted an enormous paw, and watching carefully, proceeded to poke me with it...in a soft and tender place, I might add... It was really pretty funny!

Since I knew what he was doing, I just ignored him and rolled over, pretending to be sound asleep. I could feel him watching me for a few more seconds, hoping I would wake up (and then feed him breakfast). I am, however, one of the few humans on this earth who is as stubborn as a Mastiff, so I just feigned sleep. After a while, he let out a long suffering Mastiff sigh...and laid back down against my back and went to sleep. ;-)

Have a safe and happy Wednesday!
Friday AM August 6, 2004

On Wednesday, I finished the big project I had been working on for the last several weeks. Yippee!!!! What a weight off of my shoulders!

However, every time this happens (that I finish a BIG project), I see one of my BIG organizational problems. While I have a *To Do* list, I tend to be so single project focused (a holdover from my Theatre days, I'm afraid) it is very difficult for me to shift gears and move on to something else ... so I end up frittering away the couple of days after I complete the big project... and, unfortunately, in the scheme of things, these are NOT days that I can afford to waste! LOL

On the days when I allow myself to jump from task to task, I can REALLY accomplish a lot...and this seems a good, comfortable way for me to work, but I have this annoying voice in the back of my head that keeps saying that I ought to find one thing and FOCUS on it....Hmmmm......I guess I'm seeing a opportunity for personal growth here! *VBG*

Have a safe and happy rest of Friday!
Saturday AM August 7, 2004

This morning we had our Family Portrait taken...and I'm very pleased that it went well. We always ask for the first appointment of the day and then arrive early. The photographer takes our picture outside in the nearby field so we don't have to take the dogs into the building...I wore jeans but with my green Kimono silk jacket so I could pretend to be dressed up. *VBG*

I'll try to get it posted when we get it. The last one we had taken is the picture on the Personal Notes page.

Have a safe and happy rest of Saturday!
Tuesday AM August 10, 2004

Today I am working on the catalog for The Elizabeth Turner Collection, a big hand painted canvas company based in Lexington, KY. As always, I find their GORGEOUS designs a delight....they get my stitching fingers itchy! LOL

ETC is known for hand painted/needlepoint shoes, purses, and belts... they make me wish I had LOTS of NP shoes...and did I mention that their designs are GORGEOUS? LOLOLOL

Each time I update their catalog, I end up with another new *favorite* design....sigh.... a day filled with NP eye candy....does it get any better than this?

Have a safe and happy Tuesday!
Thursday AM August 12, 2004

I was quite disappointed last night. It was the BIG night for the Perseid Meteor Shower, but we had rain. Not a lot of rain, you understand... but certainly enough to hide the stars. Normally I am not aware of the Perseid Meteor Shower at the time it occurs and I kick myself for missing it... this time it wasn't my forgetfulness, it was a lack of cooperation from the weather. ;-(

Ah, well...here's hoping tonight is better!

Have a safe and happy rest of Thursday!
Monday Lunchtime August 16, 2004

We attended a family reunion this last weekend in Western Pennsylvania and had a GREAT time. I came out of the visit convinced that I have a really cool family, in awe of the talented cooks we have, amazed at the number of photographers in the family, surprised at the number of blondes, and amused at the sense of humor we all share.

I took my entire stock of beaded eyeglass charms (did I mention most of us wear glasses, too?) and the younger ones spent hours sorting thru, taking as many as they wanted, at my urging. One of them declared her intention to start a fad in school! *VBG* ALL of the women ended up with a collection of them!

Later, I realized that all of the men with glasses were wearing them, too and a couple of the guys with good eyesight had put them on sunglasses...and they were worn for ALL of the group photos! I'm still laughing happily!

Several groups of us stayed at a local hotel and the last groups to check out said the desk clerk asked them about the *dangles everybody was wearing*  LOLOLOL

I'm now starting to get email reports from the family members who have worn them to work today, telling me about the reactions they are getting from co-workers!

I am a bit bemused by the excitement they have generated... maybe I'll take the beaded eyeglass charms to Quilt Festival in Houston, after all....hmmmmm.......

Meanwhile, back at the studio, I'm looking forward to a day of phone tag...

Have a safe and happy rest of Monday!

Tuesday AM August 17, 2004

While we were at the family reunion over the weekend, Jeffrey came up from the basement with a funny look on his face. He beckoned me over and lead me down to the garage. There, up against the wall was a (VERY) old bookcase with glass doors. It was about 8' tall and just under 4" wide. I could tell that it had originally been  built in and there was some trim standing up beside it. He pointed to it and said dramatically *This will fit in the back hall beside the bathroom door!* Hmmmmmm..... ;-)

Well, the upshot is, I asked Aunt Helen if she had any plans for it. She said that we were welcome to take it... and that actually... there were TWO of them! The second unit was fastened to another wall of the garage with the doors facing the wall. These had been taken out of the local college MANY years ago and purchased by my grandparents but had never been restored or used. They have Eastlake touches and are obviously antiques!

On Saturday AM, all of the cousins pitched in and helped Jeffrey take the doors off and cram (and I do mean CRAM *VBG*) them into the van.

We have one unpacked so far and it DOES fit in the back hall as closely as if it had been custom made... it is AMAZING! Yesterday I figured out that with a minor, invisible modification, we can adjust the depth of the bookcases to fit a ream of paper! This is a big deal because I print the covers for all of my books (so far there are 11 and more to come! YIKES!?!) and I had been looking for storage that would give me room to store a reams worth of printed covers and a spare unopened ream of the cover stock for each book... AND keep them safe and clean. Well, it looks as though I have it now! LOLOL

Have a safe and happy Tuesday!

Wednesday AM August 18, 2004

Today we will be unloading the second (very HEAVY) bookcase from the van. Because of lack of space, we are storing them where they will eventually live. ;-) All of the boxes and other TB-DN stuff surrounding them distracts your eye from their *need to be re-finished and assembled* quality. *VBG*  I always knew the day would come when I'd be glad that our large front hall is stacked floor to ceiling with boxes and inventory...sigh...

I brought back my grandmother's poetry...all handwritten and extremely illegible... I have used her poetry in 3 designs so far and I am planning an entire line called *My Aine*. I always knew that she was a published poet, but I found papers in her notes indicating that she was paid $10 per poem. Considering this was 1924 and she was a young woman/mother, that is quite a lot of money!

Today I am wrestling with a technical problem regarding a new piece of equipment...I'll be calling the company to see how it can be resolved after I post this. Please keep your fingers crossed for me... it looks like it is going to be a long and stressful day. 

Have a safe and happy Wednesday!
Thursday AM August 19, 2004

Due in part to the fact that my van seat was pushed so far forward that I rode home from the Family Reunion with my elbows resting on my knees (those bookcases were BIG *VBG*), we took frequent breaks on our LONG drive home! For some odd reason, the drivers seat was not as dramatically affected...Jeffrey was just pushed up close to the steering wheel. ;-)

One of our several stops was at a Flea Market near the PA-WV border. As we were leaving, I glanced over and saw a bright yellow (Mom's favorite color) quilt hanging on a hanger. Actually, the quilt was so heavily textures, I wasn't completely sure it was a quilt. On closer inspection , it turned out to be a twin size, hand quilted beauty made of what I think is 30s fabric and feed sacking.  I didn't recognize the block, so I'll have to do some research to identify it. Much of the hand quilting is in diagonal rows less than an inch apart. The woman selling it told me that it was made by her husband's grandmother (no name) and aunt (Nelly Masters) in Potomac, West Virginia.

Anyway, as I am sure you have guessed by now, Jeffrey bought it for me. Since he had already garnered MAJOR husband points for attending the Family Reunion so enthusiastically, this had him approaching the stratosphere. *VBG*

In addition, yesterday, he picked up the newest volumes of the Applique Alphabet books from the printer and got them bound last night. He is a pretty wonderful guy! LOLOL

Have a safe and happy Thursday!
Wednesday August 25, 2004

I was in the mountains of NC yesterday and saw a tree starting to turn! Where has the summer gone?!?!?! Today is the first day of classes for Jeffrey. YIKES!!!

Today is going to be a planning day. Because of various commitments, this August has been my *Lost Month*. I am trying to figure out what needs dealt with and start prioritizing so that I can hit the ground running on September 1. *VBG*

Have a safe and happy Wednesday!
Thursday August 26, 2004

After a LONG wait, I finally got my hands on a copy of the latest *Just Cross Stitch* Magazine. I designed a freebie for Fratelli Graziano on their lovely Open Window Linen. It is on the inside back cover and looks GORGEOUS! *VBG* I'll be taking a copy of the magazine to Sherrie, my framer this afternoon. When we chose the frame and matting, our goal was to *make the fabric look good* LOLOLOL

Happy dancin' in KY! ... Hehehehehehehehe!!!!!!!!

Have a safe and happy Thursday!
Friday AM August 27, 2004

As the end of August approaches (known around here as the *Lost Month* since I've been so busy), I am starting to prioritize all that needs to happen in September and October.

My schedule is dictated by the outside forces of Trade Shows and when I need to have product/designs ready to present. The most immediate Show is Houston. I have the new Applique Alphabet books back from the printer, but I need to evaluate what else I can accomplish. I am working on a new show jacket, fun to do but not constructive in terms of the business.  ;-(

I am beading buttons and a matching Pendant Pal to wear with this new jacket, and was trying to decide when I could work on them, around all of the other *work* I need to be doing. It was the equivalent of negotiating with yourself to eat desert before eating dinner! LOLOLOL Pretty silly, huh?

One of the big projects I have facing me is designing and stitching the TNNA Pearl Jubilee/Breast Cancer Shady Lady I am planning. She will be a Limited Edition, available ONLY during the TNNA Jubilee, from Jan 2005-October 2006. I have sketches I did last year, but I am still working on her.

Have a safe and happy Friday!

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