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August 2003

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Friday August 29, 2003

OK, it's official! I have *officially* survived the summer. WHEW! As of sometime yesterday, my body and brain were re-united in the same zipcode after a GREAT trip to the Phoenix Needlework Market.

I have several VIDs over the next 4-5 days (Very Important Deadlines) and then I can settle back in just (*VBG*) doing what I need to be doing.

Today, I'll finish painting the canvases for the M's Trunk Show (in honor of the ANG National Seminar in Lexington KY).

Normally, I work on an 18 month plan/schedule. What threw things off this time was that I had not been going to do ALL THREE summer trade shows...I had originally been going to attend just Columbus. Add to everything the fact that the Phoenix Show is a Cash and Carry HPC (Hand Painted Canvas) show and I paint ALL of my own canvases (at this time) and would have started painting anticipated stock in January (except that I had no plans to attend Phoenix, doncha know) and the situations gains clarity! LOLOL

Now I can get back to the original plan. Now I know that I'll be doing Phoenix next years, so today, I am already painting canvases that are planned to be stock for the Phoenix 2004 Show. *VBG*

Meanwhile, I also hope to get a new pre-ANG Seminar Program up on fttRadio in the next day or two AND I now have someone to help with the software problem I was having and so I hope/plan to have the fttRadio membership pages up and running shortly!

Have a happy Friday and a safe Holiday weekend!

Friday August 22, 2003

I spent yesterday dealing with an onslaught of emails...thank you, SoBig! I think I probably got well over 1000. Fortunately, I was able to delete them off of the server without getting them on my computer and my IHP got software in place to stop them late last night. Bigger thanks to Chapel Communications!

I have 3 new NW Shows to put up on fttRadio.com next week. I had hoped to get them taken care of before I leave for Phoenix tomorrow AM, but....

For reading matter on my trip...I'm finally breaking down...I'm taking the first two Harry Potter books. Jeffrey has been a fan for quite a while, but I read so little fiction, I was waiting for the right time.

I won't be online while I'm gone so I'll see you middle of next week. The show is hard work, but it will also be good *girl time* with several of my close friends! ;-)

Have a safe and happy week!


Wednesday August 20, 2003

Well, even though I felt I was standing in one place yesterday, I did manage to get quite a lot accomplished in the seemingly  never-ending *Before Phoenix To Do List*.

Peg and I are starting to present kits, and my mission was to call the appropriate companies and get prices...on needles, floss on cones, specialty fibers, etc. I was able to reach just about everybody I needed to. ;-)

Jeffrey and our friend with the pick-em-up truck went to Berea and brought back Guido's new *Queen* sized bed. We picked out two sets of new sheets (pretty ones, I'm happy to say). We don't have the antique headboard and footboard attached yet...and with my schedule, I'll be pleased if we can manage that before Christmas! LOLOL

Last might, after Guido came back to bed (he tends to sleep between us), I was able to get out of bed AND get back in and still fit all of my body parts onto the bed. That extra 6" seems to be making a dramatic difference! Boy, am I a happy camper!

Have a happy Wednesday!

Tuesday August 19, 2003

If all goes well, and the weather cooperates, Jeffrey will be getting *Guido's* new, bigger bed. He has borrowed a friend (who by amazing coincidence comes equipped with a pick-up truck) and they are going to get it today. *VBG*

It will probably be a while before I have the time to figure out how to attach our antique headboard and footboard to the frame, but meanwhile, I intend to enjoy every additional inch in my battle for real estate!

I am plugging away at my *To Do* list today. Today's portion is fairly long, but, if we don't have T'storms, I should be able to get quite a bit taken care of.

I went closet diving, looking for clothes to take to Phoenix and hit the jackpot! I found several pairs of pants and a jacket I don't even remember. LOLOL Of course, I didn't find the stuff I was actually looking for! *WEG*

Have a happy Tuesday!
Monday August 18, 2003 AM

I'm up early and working on the stuff I need to get done so Jeffrey can run errands on his way into work. ;-)

I'm also working on the last big To Do list for the Phoenix Market! YIKES!!! Deer in headlights! LOLOLOL

Yesterday I played hookey (sort of) and worked on the jacket I want to wear while in Phoenix...I'm not sure I'll be able to finish it but I think I have a good shot! (My spell checker and I are having a disagreement on how to spell hookey. ;-) )

On the personal side, Jeffrey and I bought Guido a *Queen size* bed yesterday, which he WILL share with us. I figure that the extra 6" width will be all mine since I'm the one who gets snuggled out of bed by the snuggle bunny (all 184 lbs of him) himself...this morning being a case in point! *VBG*

Now we are trying to organize borrowing a pick-up truck to get it from point A to point B (home)...and I'm hoping that the mattress, which is one of those pillow top styles, will fit up thru the space in the stairs and if not, will it fit around the 180 degree turn in same staircase....Hmmmm......Rest assured, I'll report back...

I have been very busy recording and editing interviews for *Following the Thread* . Keep an eye out for shows related to the upcoming ANG seminar, as well as reports on the NW markets in Columbus and Charlotte this summer!

I interviewed Lorna Reeves, the editor, last week and we ended
up discussing her editorial in Just Cross Stitch/Oct. 2003. She explained how the misunderstanding about discontinued DMC Floss came about...and I have to say, that I would have reached the same conclusions she did, in the same circumstances.

Because there has been so much interest in this, I went ahead and put up an excerpt of the interview relevant to this subject. I'll be putting up the interview in its entirety later this week, but thought you might enjoy hearing Lorna's clarification.

I figure this is as close as I'll ever get to *Breaking News* on
*Following the Thread* Internet Radio. LOLOL


Well, back to the *To Do* list (and more work on the jacket!).

Have a happy Monday!

Wednesday August 6, 2003 Early AM

Gotta love the early mornings...due to a scheduling situation this is going to be a week of early mornings...now, if I could just get to bed at a reasonable hour! LOL

I'm working on a catalog...lots of scanning, cutting and pasting...and learning Corel PhotoPaint better than ever!

The desk is staying relatively clean...and I'm enjoying it. My PlannerPad is all laid out to my left, ready for notations or consultations, TO DO lists on top of it! *VBG*

I did come to the realization that I read Organization (How To) books the way some people read cookbooks...I've decided to accept it as a quirk of my personality and forgo the soul searching and angst.

I'm looking forward to a tedious but productive day.

Have a Happy Wednesday!
Tuesday August 5, 2003 Early AM

These early morning are tough...especially when I get to bed late.

I'm doing OK but not great on the desk issue...but I'm determined! Part of the problem is that I have about 10 high priority, large paper producing projects I'm working on right now...I'm trying the color-coded folder system and have hopes! LOL

I'm also reviewing the organizing books...sort of like reading cookbooks! *VBG*

Have a happy Tuesday!

Monday August 4, 2003

OK...Finally (almost) I have my desk REALLY organized, and clean and boy am I excited. I have just a few things left to deal with. ;-)

In the course of this massive undertaking, I excavated (yes, an accurate term, I'm afraid) a number of books about organizing! LOLOL I'm re-reading them and trying to apply them for real!

In addition, Jeffrey and I took the opportunity, last night after dinner, to clean the refrigerator. It was almost empty and only took about half an hour, with both of us working. *VBG*

I'm starting to get excited about getting down to serious work andf I am (REALLY!) going to try to keep this whole desk issue under control.

Have a happy Monday!

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