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September 2003, October 2003, December 2003

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Things got hectic over the last part of 2003, hence the paucity of entries. I'll try to do better in 2004!



Wednesday December 24, 2003

I can't believe that we have come to the end of the year. It has been a very exciting and productive year. I am currently working on the book that I'll be introducing at the TNNA Show in January...Tink's Marvelous Monograms, Volume 1. I just got a laptop and so I've been watching TV and designing. ;-)

Last week I stitched models for some of new designs that I'll be introducing at Nashville in early February. These new designs are Counted Cross Stitch and are the first I've designed in about 18 months. Several of the designs are based on poems by my grandmother, a published post. *VBG*

Meanwhile, I'm putting the finishing touches on my first pieced quilt, a Christmas present for my Mom. I machine quilted it and learned a lot...meaning *please don't look too carefully* LOLOL She is my Mom, so I figure she'll like it no matter what!

Best wishes for a safe and Happy Holiday season!


Friday AM October 24, 2003

In the midst of getting ready for Quilt Festival (did I mention I leave in less than 4 days!?!) I've had a stitching emergency. Peg and I are writing/designing a Project Book for Krause and the designs for the Cover will be photographed on early November. One week ago today, we ascertained that one of my projects had disappeared/gotten lost/ never arrived/whatever...and needed to be re-stitched.

I didn't even have the threads for it! Poor Jeffrey had to drive into Lexington to pick them up...after they were located thanks to some wonderful team work by several of our LNSs...thank you guys!

Anyway, I finished stitching it last night and will be doing the finishing today and tomorrow so that it can be sent Saturday or Monday...of course, by now I'm pretty paranoid about it! The good thing is that it was a small project and easily re-stitched in a short amount of time.

But, as the great bard said, *All's well that ends well!*

Next week I won't be posting at all since I'll be in Houston, at Quilt Festival - Booth 1403. If anybody is there, stop by and say Hi and I'll give you a *Special Gift* . Use the secret password: *Swordfish* LOLOL

Have a safe and happy Saturday!
Tuesday (lunch time) October 21, 2003

I have been really focused on getting ready for Houston...I leave in a week. (YIKES!)

I made poor Jeffrey help me last night until 2 AM...we were packaging the note cards that I designed over the weekend. I was stuffing the envelopes in the plastic bags and he was folding and stuffing the note cards. He is claiming that this work is running a close second and might eventually pass *Book Binding* in his list of most mind-numbing jobs he has done for TB-DN....poor baby! LOLOL

I printed the note cards on Lt. Sulu and when I took them to Copy Max to get them cut in half, the guy asked who did my printing! YIPPEE!!!! They looked sooooo goooood! LOLOLOL

Anyway, back to work...a lot to do and only about a week. Sheesh...

Have a happy Wednesday!

Thursday PM October 16, 2003

I've been busy converting my Cross Stitch designs to leaflet format, now that I have Lt. Sulu, the new printer. I have printed half of them tonight. They look pretty wonderful! *VBG*

Jeffrey and I also worked on the beaded Eyeglass Charms I'll be selling at Quilt Festival. They are pretty cool...and for a jewelry girl like me to have one more place to dangle pretties....well, who could ask for more! LOLOL

I'll be working on Quilt Related notecards tomorrow, along with some other things for which I have deadlines looming...I will say that I've been getting a lot accomplished...I just have a lot left to do! ;-)

We did take a break and sit on our front porch with Guido and Mams'elle and watch the High School Home Coming Parade...our house is at the start of the route. The dogs loved it. It was always one of Tino's most favorite events. I still miss him so much...

Have a safe and happy Friday!

Sunday PM October 12, 2003

We had an exciting Saturday. We participated in the second annual *Canines on Campus Dog Walk* to benefit the Humane Society...and Guido won Biggest Dog. ;-)

It has taken all weekend, but after much work, Lt. Sulu, the new printer is working beautifully. I'll be able to produce my own leaflets now, so I'm converting my Counted Cross Stitch designs to leaflet format and will be creating new designs for next year.

I'm also planning on working on Quilting related notecards for the Houston Quilt Festival and a lot of other things. Lt. Sulu has opened a myriad of possibilities. LOL

Jeffrey and I spent last night watching rented movies and making Eyeglass Charms to sell at Festival. Time is moving quickly, but I'm getting pretty excited. I think Peg and I will have a blast!

Have a safe and happy Monday!
Friday PM October 10, 2003

Well, today I tried to get Lt. Sulu set up, but the back-up computer wasn't cooperating...I'm not even speaking to it! I've had it! LOLOL

On the bright side, I found a new Clive Cussler so I'm going to bed early and read my new book and pretend computers don't exist...then tomorrow I'll go back to the task of getting the new printer set-up.

By the way, I have now officially seen it ALL! We were at the Hasting Bookstore near us and Jeffrey pointed out a new product...Jasmine scented Angel Snot!?!?!?! I kid you not! YIKES!!!!!

Have a safe and happy Weekend!


Thursday PM October 9, 2003

This had been a day of introspection after learning last night that a very dear friend had died. I have found myself doing a lot of thinking lately about the importance of living life in a giving and positive manner.

My friend, Catherine, was one of the kindest, most loving people I have ever known...who made life better every day...one action and one person at a time...and at the end of a life, isn't that the most important accomplishment.

Have a safe and happy Friday!


Tuesday PM October 7, 2003

Lt. Sulu arrived (the HUGE new printer) and we got him unpacked and set-up at 1AM this morning...Jeffrey is still on his VERY long day and late night schedule...YAWN! LOLOL

We are waiting for the control cable to arrive and then I can get Sulu officially running...meanwhile the test pages look pretty good! He pretty much fills the Living Room...not a good thing. TB-DN has taken over the house...sigh...

I'm working on the photos of the latest Elizabeth Turner Collection catalog, which means I get to see their new designs first...and boy, they are nice. Makes me want to stitch a NP purse, in my copious free time!

Have a safe and happy Wednesday!
Monday AM October 6. 2003

Good morning all. I'm up earlier than I expected. Poor Jeffrey is in the middle of a 4-5 day stretch of late nights. He didn't get home from work until after 3 AM on Saturday and we got to bed about 4...sigh...I was up before nine. During times like this, I end up doing both his late night schedule and my earlier morning schedule and I get pretty tired. LOL

I am starting the week trying to get my *To Do* list in order, with lost to get accomplished before Quilt Festival. We'll be in Booth 1403, btw. ;-) I placed a large order of many small things from a large beading company and will be assembling eyeglass charms for Festival. I'm finding I REALLY love having yet another place to hang jewelry. *VBG*

I'll also have some of the Quilting Alphabet books, as well. ;-)

Well, back to the *To DO* list...

Have a safe and happy Monday!


Saturday October 4, 2003

Well, I'm FINALLY getting back to things. We're are in the process of MAJOR changes in TB-DN...all good, I hasten to add. We have a new addition to the TB-DN family... a Color Laser Printer named Lt Sulu. He'll be joining us this week. It has almost been as exciting as waiting for Guido to arrive. ;-)

My first Quilt-related book is complete and ready to be shipped! It is a book of 3 Applique Alphabets for Quilters. See further down the page for more info!

In an update on Guido and the queen-size bed...things have shaken down as everybody gets used to more space. The upshot it that Jeffrey gets half of the bed and I share my half with Guido. This is the result of Guido's insistence on snuggling close to me, not matter what. I am happy to say that the extra width on the bed is keeping me from ending up on the floor...and I feel deeply loved. What could be better than that!  *VBG*

Have a safe and happy weekend!

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