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September and October 2004

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Wednesday Lunchtime September 1, 2004

Well, the *Lost Month* is FINALLY over. I have been gone about 16 days total...I've driven  about 2200 miles over the last 10 days, and boy, am I GLAD to be home! And thank goodness for recorded books!

The family is glad to have me back... Guido especially. He snuggled all night, being one of the BEST Bed Dogs ever!  LOLOLOL

I am spending today decompressing and planning...and cleaning (if I get motivated enough... yeah, right! LOL)

Now I have LOTS to get organized about and many things that need to happen over the next few months, both business and personal.

Jeffrey picked up the newest family portrait and I'll try to get it scanned and posted on the website in the next couple of days. *VBG*

And did I mention how glad I am to be home?!?!?!?!

Have a safe and happy rest of Wednesday!
Thursday AM September 2, 2004

Last night, I put a copy of the new Family/Staff portrait on the Personal Notes page, so y'all can see everybody. Guido and Mams'elle look especially good. I am wearing my Kimono scrap jacket, but you can't see it very well. It was my concession to being *dressed up* within the limitations imposed by handling and traveling with dogs.

Today I have some errands to run and then I can get focused on work! *VBG* Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize!

I still can't believe that Labor Day is here. Where has the summer gone? YIKES!!!

Have a safe and happy Thursday!
Friday AM September 3, 2004

As some of you may know, I have been accused of being an ill-prepared Boy Scout in a previous life and determined to make up for it in this life. Well, this week I had to get a new alarm clock. The one I purchased was low priced (I am also VERY cheap LOL),  a racy red metallic, AND, as I discovered when I got it home, it can double as a flashlight! TOO cool! *VBG* I always carry a flashlight when I travel and put it, with my keys etc, on the beside table in hotels, much to Peg's amusement.

We are expecting rain off and on today so my computer time will be limited. As a result, my plan is to organize and clean the studios. I picked up magazine boxes at Ikea on my trip last weekend and will start organizing my *collection*...where exactly I'll put said boxes I don't know, but at least the appropriate volumes will be neatly corralled!

Many prayers and thoughts of safety for those of you in the path of Frances!

Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend!
Sunday September 12, 2004

It will certainly be *interesting* (no offense intended to those in Ivan's path, btw) to see where Ivan the Terrible decides to go over the next couple of days. My heart goes out to those of you who are trying to recover from Charlie and Frances and now possibly face Ivan!

We got some rain from Frances, but not as much as we could have.

Have a safe and happy Monday!
Thursday AM September 16, 2004

Well, Ivan is on it's way...and heading in our direction. I am expecting my computer time to be limited over the next couple of days, as a result of the weather. I have some canvas painting to do, so I should be able to use my time constructively... of course I could always clean the studio... hmmm...nahhhh ... *VBG*

I am gearing up to begin work on the EXTENSIVE Elizabeth Turner Collection Belt Catalog. As many of you know, I create the catalogs for ETC, so I get to spend time looking at their lovely designs... one of the most fun things I get to do. ;-)

I am still trying to decide what to do with the 3 companion designs that go with Autumn Leaf, the freebie on the back inside cover of the October 2004 Just Cross Stitch Magazine... I am REALLY happy with the designs and would like to see them appear somewhere, but I am not sure how best to present them. I am thinking about creating a leaflet with the three of them in it... I am not usually this indecisive...thank goodness! LOLOLOL

Have a safe and happy Thursday!
Sunday October 10, 2004

Remember the bookcases we got from my aunt? The antiques that had been in a garage for the last 40 years? Well. the original plan was to refinish them to match the woodwork in our house, but I realized that could take another 40 years...just kidding, but I knew it would be quite a while until we got to them. Meanwhile, I have LOTS of books and magazines that need a place to live. I suggested we hang the doors, secure them to the wall and call it *Shabby Chic*. Jeffrey has spent the last 2 nights doing that, and they look pretty good.

I started to move books in only to discover that books seemed to have been smaller a 100 years ago! YIKES! I was planning on putting all of the quilting books in the unit that is in the back hall, which would put them right beside the door to the new quilt studio (planned for a November move *VBG*). I have discovered, to my great dismay that the books just don't quite fit.

I am pondering my options. We could remove the doors and face of the book case and put in a 3/4" spacer, but it isn't the kind of work that Jeffrey is particularly comfortable doing...and so I'd probably end up doing most of it. I guess I'll think about it and decide what it is worth in terms of time expended.

I did get the recorded books put in and my computer books...and I keep turning the quilt books every which way hoping I'll figure out an easy solution... did I ever mention I was eternally optimistic? *VBG*

Have a safe and happy Monday!

Monday PM October 11, 2004

We have started trying to decide what will go where in my new Studio spaces. We are planning a MAJOR re-arrangement... it is such a big undertaking, I'm finding it a bit daunting, although the space problems should be greatly helped.

Currently, the computer, printers, several file cabinets, including Joe, the 5 drawer vertical unit, the drafting/painting table, paint trolley AND my BIG light table are all (dare I say crammed) in one room.

The cutting table, the sewing machine on its 8' table, all of the fabric, the quilt books and magazines (you remember, the ones that DON'T fit in the antique bookcase until we re-build them!?!) and the quilt wall are all in a smaller room...also fairly crammed.

We are planning on moving the canvas painting/drafting board, the paint trolley, and the light table into the tiny kitchen of the former apartment...after we remove all of the kitchen cabinets.

The Quilt Studio will go into the main room of the former apartment ... not a real big room, but bigger than the current Q.S. The fabric looks as thought it will fit in the closets, protected from light and dust... (fingers crossed here).

The computer and printers and whatever file cabinets will fit are either going into the former (very small) Quilt Studio or will stay where they are, with more storage/ file cabinets joining them.

I'll gain more space, LOTS of windows and sky lights and it should be wonderful... if it wasn't looking quite so much like moving a mountain a teaspoon at a time... LOLOL

I don't see any of this happening until the last part of November at the earliest, but I am starting to get pretty excited about it. I think we might hire one or two of Jeffrey's students to help... some of this stuff is really big and heavy! *VBG*

Have a safe and happy Tuesday!

Wednesday AM October 13, 2004

I spent yesterday at Jeffrey's Costume Shop hand gridding a 5 foot by 9 foot piece of Aida...it will be passed all around the USA for the public to cross stitch a rendering of the Breast Cancer Awareness Stamp. The National NeedleArts Association, in conjunction with Win Against Breast Cancer in launching a 2 year campaign to 1)celebrate TNNAs 30th year, 2) promote the NeedleArts and 3) raise $$ for a cause near and dear to ALL of us! As the Campaign evolves, I'll post more info. ;-)

While I was at the Shop, Jeffrey and I discussed the BIG Studio Move... we now have a whole NEW plan! *VBG*

The Quilt Studio will go into the current studio... which is the biggest room of all of them. The Computer, printers etc (commonly referred to as *Command Central*) will go into the main room of the apartment. The apartment kitchen will be come the *Copy Room*  and the canvas painting stuff (the drafting/painting table, paint trolley AND my BIG light table) will move to the small, former Quilt Studio.

This plan seems to maximize the space we have for the greatest efficiency... and we may be able to clear all of the file cabinets and storage units out of the front hall (one of my hopes! LOLOL) All in all, I'm getting pretty excited about it!

PS : We WERE given copyright permission to reproduce the Breast Cancer Awareness Stamp, so all is LEGAL! *VBG*

Have a safe and happy Wednesday!
Thursday PM October 14, 2004

As of today, I am committed to releasing the entire set of Designs that go with the Autumn Leaf Design in the current issue of *Just Cross Stitch Magazine*.

Sandra Raddatz, the Design coordinator for Wichelt, one of the Fratelli Graziano distributors prompted this by emailing me, when a stitcher contacted them about it. I told her what I was considering, we discussed details and then she emailed me today saying the she was on her way to announce it at a Staff Meeting... so I guess it's a done deal! LOLOL

I'll be introducing it at Nashville in February... guess I'd better start stitching the model! *VBG*

Have a safe and happy Friday!
Saturday AM October 16, 2004

Today we are off to the *Big City* in search of tables... I need 2 of them for Houston... I am a bit worried about finding the right size, so please keep all appendages crossed. I've found tables online, but don't think that they would be shipped fast enough... we also have books to pick up from the printer.

I've been plotting out where furniture will go, in the big Studio rearrangement. The earliest we can do it is Thanksgiving Break, because our schedules are just so complicated, although we may be able to get a little prep done on the weekends.

Have a safe and happy Saturday!
Tuesday PM October 19, 2004

We found the tables...I bought 4 of them. I plan to cut PVC pipe to make leg extensions and make them taller, so I wanted to be sure that they were all alike. I'm pretty happy with them.

I am madly working on getting ready for Quilt Market and Festival in Houston. I'll be voting this week, since I'll be in the *Big T* for Voting Day. ;-)

I have so many plans for the BIG move... I am going to start scheduling the work that needs to be done. The most pivotal element is taking the apartment kitchen apart and taking up the old vinyl floors. I think we'll advertise the apartment stove and refrigerator as *Free to Good Home...Come and get them*  in the local paper...

Have a safe and happy Wednesday!
Thursday AM October 21, 2004

YIKES!!!! The Houston Show is coming FAST!!! Do I look ready? ... I didn't think so. ;-(

The WONDERFUL news is that Lt. Sulu, my color laser printer ...the one who was being EXTREMELY uncooperative earlier this week, had had a change of heart, thanks to a phone consultation with a service technician. I needed to do covers for the newest Applique Alphabet books (Volumes 3, 4, 5) and there were 2 teensy sets of colored dots sliding across the page... ARGHHHHHHH!!!!

Poor Jeffrey, up to his eyeballs directing a show and costuming his show and costuming the Annual Ghost Walk at White Hall, will be binding those books this weekend, bless his heart.

NeedleArts ... Take Part, the TNNA Outreach program is having its FIRST event in honor of the TNNA Pearl Jubilee.

Date: October 23, 2004
Location: Mall of America, MN

This is the one for which I HAND gridded the fabric for the 4' x 7'+ Cross Stitch representation of the Breast Cancer Stamp. The cause is near and dear to my heart. Proceeds from kits and donations will go to WIN Against Breast Cancer. I hope that if you are close by, you will stop and stitch or knit or whatever for a GREAT Cause!

Have a safe and happy Thursday!

Have a safe and happy Thursday!
Thursday PM October 21, 2004

Part of the beauty of LONG *To Do* Lists is the endless opportunity for constructive procrastination. ;-)

I was avoiding one particular task (which I REALLY need to buckle down and finish tomorrow...sigh...) and managed to design and print my color catalog sheets and price list for Quilt Market AND collate all 300 copies... in addition, I finished printing the Quilting Post Cards and my business cards... so in spite of feeling as though it were a wasted day (since I was so successful avoiding that one task) I actually accomplished a lot... as a metaphor for life, this may be worth pondering! *VBG*

Have a safe and happy Friday!
Saturday AM October 23, 2004

Today is:
NeedleArts ... Take Part
The TNNA Outreach program is having its FIRST event in honor of the TNNA Pearl Jubilee.

Date: October 23, 2004
Location: Mall of America, MN

This is the one for which I HAND gridded the fabric for the 4' x 7'+ Cross Stitch representation of the Breast Cancer Stamp. The cause is near and dear to my heart. Proceeds from kits and donations will go to WIN Against Breast Cancer. I hope that if you are close by, you will stop and stitch or knit or whatever for a GREAT Cause! Also, I'd LOVE an email report from anybody who does stop by and participate! ;-)

BTW, I officially need an extra day between now and when I leave for Houston. If any of you can create one, please email me so I know to look for it and don't miss it! *VBG*

Off to work on the *Master TO DO* list....

Have a safe and happy Saturday!
Sunday AM October 24, 2004

I am feeling VERY elegant today, as I am sewing some banners for my Houston Booth. I have a sterling silver Chatelaine, and realized a while ago that if there were an easy way to take the needlework tools on and off, the practicality of the Chatelaine would be improved about 1000%. Well.... hmmmmm... can you see my gears grinding? LOLOL

Yesterday, I finally got down to Berea and my friend Pamela's Bead Store, Fish Wisdom Beads. She helped me with the prototypes for some GORGEOUS, beaded, quick release fasteners for the tools. Last night I started using it. Yippeeee! ... I could just reach up and unhook the sterling seam ripper, use it and then clip it back on the necklace.

The prototypes are beaded with elegant pink crystal beads... I'll be refining the design and deciding what the first designs will look at once I get back from Houston. I'm planning to introduce them at Long Beach in January. I'll also try to post pictures for y'all to see.... and I need to come up with a name for them... *Beaded Fastener Thingies* just doesn't have the elegant tone I'm hoping for! LOLOL

Meanwhile, picture my in my elegant silver Chatelaine with lovely pink crystal details (matching eyeglass charm, of course) and my dog hair covered black sweats... HEHEHEHEHEHE...

I will be using the Chatelaine at Houston, so if you are there and want to take a peek (and maybe offer up a name suggestion or two... hint, hint) stop by Booth 965 and say Hi!

Have a safe and happy Sunday!
Monday AM October 25, 2004

I am able to report with certainty that the sterling Chatelaine with beaded clasps looks equally fetching when one in the Quilt Studio in (slightly ratty) flannel jammies and wielding a sterling seam ripper although I will confess that I wasn't wearing the matching eyeglass charm ... please don't ask why I know this to be true ... sigh .... LOLOLOL

On the upside...ripping out machine sewing is much easier and faster than ripping out hand stitched cross stitch or needlepoint (my personal opinion, of course) so I was reminding myself of that while I *frogged* !    *VBG*

I am madly trying to get the last stuff ready before leaving for Houston... Jeffrey gathered up all of the stuff I'll be bringing and it is neatly piled in the Living Room, in front of our lovely period fireplace... adding to the ambiance, of course!

Have a safe and happy Monday!
Wednesday AM October 27, 2004

I have just a couple of days before Houston, so I doubt that I'll get anything posted. I'll be back in town about Nov 9, 2004.

If you are in Houston, please stop by Booth 965 and say Hi! and see my Chatelaine...I WON'T be in my jammies... I promise!

Have a safe and happy Wednesday!

PS: Don't forget to VOTE!!!!!!


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