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November and December 2004

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Wednesday AM November 10, 2004

I'm BAACK!!!!!

I had an exciting, rewarding, and thought-provoking trip to the 2004 Fall Quilt Market and Festival. ;-)

I came home to 2 (count them... TWO) computers with rodent issues (mouse problems) and 2 (count them...TWO) furnaces  with *I don't want to heat* issues. Bless Jeffrey's heart! He got both of the furnaces running at dinner time AND we purchased a NEW trackball for the desktop computer then, also. I'll wait and deal with the laptop later. Now...not only is it warm enough in the house for my hands to work (it was below 60 in here yesterday!) but I have a lovely and faaast new pointing device. (I use my computers for graphics a LOT and tend to be hard on the little rodents! LOLOL

On a humorous note (but not meant to offend deer or their families) I coined a new term on the drive back... *deer smear* ...describing the large dark marks left on the highway after... but you get the idea. Even JC (the van) snickered....

I have a LOT of exciting designing/playing to do today... I LOVE creative orgies like these! *VBG*

Have a safe and happy Wednesday!
Wednesday PM November 10, 2004

I've spent today enjoying the heat (with the furnaces running! LOL), enjoying my new computer mouse, and working on a variety of fun (but secret) projects...

I have a deadline this weekend/early next week and after all of that is complete, I'll start planning out my *To Do* List from now until the January TNNA Show in Long Beach.

I will be designing a *Limited Edition* Shady Lady in honor of the TNNA Pearl Jubilee and the campaign with *Win Against Breast Cancer*. She will be available ONLY from January 2005 until October 2006. I have sketches I did last year, but I'm not happy with them, so I'll probably start from scratch. I also need to start stitching the 4 Seasons design that I'll be introducing at Nashville in February.

Have a safe and happy Thursday!


Friday AM November 12, 2004

Great Moments in Indecision! LOL

Last night, I started considering the planned BIG Studio move... and second guessing myself. I am worried that there isn't room in the apartment to set up my U-shaped desk.

Now I am thinking that the Quilt Studio should go into the apartment, the Paint Studio into the current Quilt Studio, and Command Central, with the computer, copier, and printers stay where it is. We would have room to move in the file cabinets from the hall.

Jeffrey (who's office AND Costume Shop have NO windows at all) thinks that I ought to take advantage of the windows and skylights in the apartment. (For a variety of reasons, the rest of the first floor is very dark.) I think that room allotment needs to be made on the basis of square footage and what will fit where... Hmmm... Points to ponder! *VBG*

Have a safe and happy Friday!

Monday PM November 15, 2004

Whew! I had a deadline moved forward several weeks...I ended up having to come home from Houston on a more urgent schedule than originally planned and then had to buckle down to designing  IMMEDIATELY in order to get everything designed and created etc. I finished up this morning at 5AM... so Jeffrey could be at the Post Office when it opened this morning to send the package Overnight Mail! WHEW!!!!!!!!!

Now I am cleaning up the Quilt Studio so I can get to work on the next quilt project, making a sample of the FREE quilt design I'll be posting here in a few days. It is designed to use ANY of the 15 Alphabets in the 5 Applique Alphabet books. I'm looking forward to it... I think it will make a nice break from the catalog work I'm currently doing as well as the NEW limited Edition Shady Lady I'm working on for the January TNNA release.

I am also nagging poor Jeffrey about the BIG Studio move in the works. I need him to take apart the apartment kitchen, if he can get his friend Brian to help. Unfortunately, it needs to happen this weekend if we are going to stick to my *Hoped For* schedule.
;-) He is looking a bit *deer in the headlights*, bless his heart!

Have a safe and happy Tuesday!
Tuesday PM November 16, 2004

I just finished cutting out the pieced portions of the quilt project I'm working on. It is BRIGHT colors with black sashing and applique. It should be QUITE eyecatching! I'm REALLY psyched. I'll try to get to the applique part tomorrow. I already have the full alphabet and the name letters printed out on freezer paper. Using the CD version of my applique alphabet book, I was able to do it while I was in my booth at Quilt Festival! I LOVE modern technology! *VBG* I will, however, need to avoid temptation long enough to get some constructive work done on the catalog I'm editing.

I've been nagging poor Jeffrey about the apartment kitchen. His play starts its run tomorrow. They were going to have 2 complete run-throughs tonight, so he'll be getting home late. He IS starting to look a bit haunted...or do I mean HUNTED? LOL The reality is that it will all happen when it happens... sigh...

Have a safe and happy Wednesday!
Wednesday PM November 17, 2004

I'm still getting geared up to tackle my *To Do* list. I think my biggest problem is being able to settle down to the *gotta get done* stuff after I meet a big deadline. Without the adrenalin rush, I seem to be less focused...sigh...

I have, however, been reviewing all that needs to happen between now and the middle of January and the list is pretty daunting! All of this, mind you, is without factoring in the Holidays! YIKES!!!

I really need to get out the calendar, coordinate the lists and buckle down. ;-)

Have a safe and happy Thursday!
Friday AM November 19, 2004

Hmmmmm.... somehow September, October, and November have slipped away with out me noticing... Thanksgiving is next Thursday....YIKES!!!!!!!!!

Our Holiday Cactus is blooming. It isn't being shown to best advantage, since it is just sitting on the tiny drinking glass shelf in the bathroom, but the rest of our house is sooo dark, I don't want to move it and have it drop its lovely blooms or something. I guess I'll just have to visit it a lot over the next few days!

I got the first round of letters cut out for my alphabet quilt last night. Boy, does printing on freezer paper REALLY simplify things! *VBG* Consider me a convert!

Have a safe and happy rest of Friday!
Saturday PM November 20, 2004

I don't usually post on the weekend, but I'm sooooo excited. We are finally getting going on the Studio situation. Jeffrey moved all of the tools and paint cans out of the apartment kitchen today. Tomorrow AM we are borrowing the VERY nice young neighbor who lives a couple of houses down the block AND his pick'em up truck to move out the stove and fridge and take them to Goodwill. I think that Jeffrey has come around to my way of thinking with the Quilt Studio in the apartment...although it was touch and go for a while this AM.

If all goes well, this move might happen in the next week. My Mom's wedgewood china is going to be temporarily stored in the upstairs laundry room where it will be safe and out of the way.

I am REALLY starting to get excited...can you tell?!?!?!

Oh, and we are going to have the TurDucken we have been hoarding in the freezer for Thankgiving dinner! YIPPEEE!!!!!!

Have a safe and happy Sunday!!!
Tuesday Afternoon November 30, 2004

Where to begin? First off, the news is GREAT!!!!

The big Studio move has pretty much happened... thanks to Jeffrey's friend Brian, who moved LOTS of BIG HEAVY furniture in return for Thanksgiving Dinner! *VBG*

I am surrounded by boxes in the Main Studio/Command Central, but I can live with that. I'm tacking a box or two a day... organizing and tossing! ;-)

I up and working on the Quilt Studio and for the first time since we bought this house, we have a view to the back yard...and courtesy of big widows and skylights...lots of sun! The Paint Studio is in process but is in working condition. Jeffrey is prepping the walls in the living Room for painting... a project I had given up on... Raspberry Rush, here we COME!

All in all, the house is starting to look livable!

The icing on the cake? ...the first distributor order for the Applique Alphabet books on CD! I have great hopes that the CDs will prove popular... in the PDF format on CD, it is possible to print directly to freezer paper for the Alphabets for the 6" block size... I printed ALL of the letters needed for a personalized Alphabet Baby Quilt while standing in my booth at Quilt Festival... then all I needed to do was iron the freezer paper on the fabric and cut it out! What a time saver! LOLOL

Have a safe and happy Wednesday!


Tuesday PM December 7, 2004

Things have been VERY busy here. ;-)

I am pretty much moved into the Painting Studio and the Quilt Studio. Command Central still has LOTS of boxes but I can ignore them until I have time to deal with them (probably NOT until after Nashville in February...sigh...)

The LR is a BEAUTIFUL Raspberry Rush...bordering on Fuchsia! It looks GORGEOUS! We spent tonight hanging pictures. We have a wall of our Family Portraits which looks like a funky interpretation of a British Library. *VBG* I have set a goal of NOT going to bed until we have the junk cleared off of the top of the TV!

I am working on a cool project for a publisher with a *we need it last week* deadline. Meanwhile my 21" monitor died of old age. I'll be moving my 17" in and making my 19" the primary one (I have a dual monitor system) Later on I'm hoping to replace the 21".

Have a safe and happy Wednesday!
Wednesday AM December 15, 2004

Jeffrey and I had a great time in the NC mountains this weekend. I taught a Canvas Painting class on Saturday and he helped our friend Peg in her NW shop in Banner Elk, NC.

I am buckling back down to work in the mad rush going into the TNNA Show in January and the Nashville Show in February. Christmas always seems to get lost in the process.

I hope to be working on my Chatelaine Clasp designs over the weekend. I am looking forward to it VERY much! I think I have cleverly managed to justify a full set for me in each of the designs! LOL I have about 6 tools on my Chatelaine: a needle threader, thread cutter, seam ripper which gets traded with a mirror to check my lipstick at the trade shows, a magnifier, a needle case, and a tape measure. The Chatelaine Clasps take it from being a GORGEOUS piece of jewelry into also being a REALLY practical set of tools!

Command Central in a train wreck...piled high with boxes. It is starting to GET ON MY NERVES!  I think that I can rearrange some book inventory storage today and get rid of some boxes, but what I really need is an inventive floorplan. We had a LOT more squeezed into the room when it served as both Command Central and Paint Studio simply because the 2 large pieces of painting furniture stuck out into the room. Right now we have stuff along the outer perimeter and boxes piled in the middle...NOT efficient at all! Considering I have an MFA in Scene Design, I should be able to solve this design dilemma, I just need to focus on it!

On the upside, I have completed the line drawing for the new Limited Edition Pearl Jubilee Shady Lady, but I'm still deciding on her colors. She is really looking COOL!

Have a safe and happy Wednesday!

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