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Gemstone Pendants  
General Instructions - Start HERE!

Click HERE for Garnet, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Emerald, Pearl/Moonstone
Click HERE for Ruby, Peridot, Sapphire, Opal, Topaz

Gemstone Pendants

General Instructions and the Outer Cross Stitch Border are further down on this page.

Chart 1 is HERE, including what size thread to use for each element of the design.

Chart 2 is HERE, including what size thread to use for each element of the design.

Thread Info and pictures of the stitched models can be found here: 
Garnet, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Emerald, Pearl/Moonstone
Ruby, Peridot, Sapphire, Opal, Topaz

This is a Preview of all of the Designs so it takes a long time to load. 
You might consider scrolling down for the Instructions while you wait!











  General Instructions - Start HERE!
These Pendants beautifully interpret some of the most popular Gemstones, utilizing the unique and lovely metallic threads that are available now!

here are 2 different designs sharing the same Outer Border, stitched in Cross Stitch with Kreinik 1/16 Ribbon. Ground fabric can be either 18m Canvas (as shown on models) or Wichelt's 18ct Linen.

Along the way I have included suggestions/hints to enhance the design. Look for
Tink TIPS and remember these can also be applied to other Stitching Projects!

I have recently discovered the joys of Thread Heaven and I can't recommend it enough! The Thread Heaven folks suggest having 2, one for light threads and the other for dark threads. Since I am stitching with Metallics almost exclusively these days, I have added a third which I reserve for Metallics and Sparkle Threads. Let me tell you, my frustration level has dropped dramatically. Thread Heaven really makes Thread work and play well! Additionally, Thread Heaven acts as a conditioner to greatly extend the life of your threads. Thread Heaven should be available at your LNS. 
PS- I am not affiliated with the company, I am just a VERY satisfied customer!
  These stunning designs feature wonderful Kreinik Threads, mainly 1/16 Ribbon, with #8 Braid offered as an alternative.

Specific Threads for each design are on the Gemstone Pendants Gallery pages.
Garnet, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Emerald, Pearl/Moonstone - Click HERE
Ruby, Peridot, Sapphire, Opal, Topaz - Click HERE

Models are stitched either white or black18m mono canvas.
Wichelt's 18ct Linen can be substituted for any of these designs, and the colors available are wonderful.

In an effort to make the diagrams more clear, I have chosen grays to help differentiate the individual stitches and have NOT used the colors called for in the design (i.e.: the Outer Cross Stitch Border is shown in 2 grays but only one thread color is used to stitch it). Please read the Design Instructions to know what thread and what color is ACTUALLY used for each Design.

I have imposed a common format with all of the designs starting with an outer border of Cross Stitches. The Outer Cross Stitch Border is on this page along with Stitching Tips which apply to all of the Pendants in this Series.

As I've gotten up to speed, I've noticed that stitching time for a Pendant is about 2-3 hours. 

I've gotten most of my Threads from my LNS, M's Canvashouse and I am keeping them together as a sort of Mini-stash! I have moved up from zip lock bags to Plano tackle boxes divided into 3 categories:  Sparkle Threads in Warm Colors and Cool Colors and Non-Sparkle Threads. Since most of the designs use only a portion of a thread package, I'm finding that my Stash is fairly long lasting.

Chart for Outer Cross Stitch Border
Diagram 1
CrossStitchBorderOpti.gif (23314 bytes)

Click on picture to see and print a larger version.

NOTE: Each line of the grid is a thread of the fabric.
Outer Cross Stitch Border 
General Information and Stitching Notes

Use of a frame/stretcher bars is strongly recommended.

Stitch the Outer Cross Stitch Border first.

Thread used is Kreinik 1/16 Ribbon in appropriate color. See individual charts for suggested color choices.

Start with an Away Knot and then work it back in after the Cross Stitch Border has been completely stitched. Work the ending thread under the stitches, also.

The stitching order is designed to secure the thread from the Away Knot on the back as well as keep the metallic threads from loosening.

Note that on the diagonal sides of the circle/octagon, the first and last stitches are *tucked between* the legs of the stitches in the horizontal and vertical rows.

I donít like to have to worry about having to start and stop a thread while stitching the Cross Stitch Border, so I start with a 5' - 6' long thread. I have not found that there is undue wear on a thread this long, under normal circumstances. However, if I am ripping a lot, I watch closely and replace the thread if it gets too frayed and rough.

Each line on Diagram 1 represents a thread of the linen or canvas.

Stitches are shown in 2 colors just to differentiate the stitching pattern. All stitches are stitched in the same color. This convention is used on many of the charts for the Birthstone Pendants

Follow the stitching order as indicated in Diagram 1. The stitching order is designed to *lock* the metallic threads without distorting the ground fabric. On linen, pull gently and watch to be sure that you are not moving the linen threads.

As you stitch your way around the circle, feel free to turn the frame around to match the orientation of the diagram.

  Tink TIPS

For best results, work these designs on stretcher bars or a scroll frame. Tape the edges and staple or tack to the stretcher bars. Note: If using a scroll frame, it might be more convenient to use a piece of canvas larger that 6"x6".

I like to mark the top of the fabric and also mark a center point on the top and on one of the sides.

Each line of the grid represents a thread of the ground fabric.

I always work from the outside of the design to the inside, stitching the Rhodes Cabochon last. I have found that if I have counted correctly on the outside border, everything else falls into place easily. If I have made a mistake in the outer border, I usually discover it quickly. To find the location of the first stitch of the Outer Cross Stitch Border (as indicated in Diagram 1) find the center of the canvas and count up 16 threads and to the left 8 threads. This is where you will bring the needle up for the first stitch. Put the Away Knot over to the far right, following the same horizontal row.

Careful counting on the Outer Cross Stitch Border
minimizes the chance of making a mistake. *Count Twice, Stitch Once!*

Double check the Instructions to tell which Thread or which Color is used. Chart Color are NOT indicative of the Design Colors.

Thread Heaven will tame Metallics and I now use it on everything.
  Gemstone Pendants Gallery - Past and Present Designs with links to their Charts!

Check out the beautiful Beaded Stitch Counters.

Outer Cross Stitch Border is found further up on this page.

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