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Tink Boord-Dill Needlework
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Great Gifts for the friend who has every Beanie!
For the young Collector - stitch these designs on 7ct or 10ct fabric and create a Banner. These designs make a good first project for the younger stitcher.
Fabric is Stitcher's Choice.

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Click on Design to see larger version.
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Beanie Collection
Personalized with your favorite Collector's name!
63 st. w x 51 st. h
Beanie Collection
Beanie Love
Short and Sweet, this tells it like it is!
60 st. w x 60 st. h
Beanie Love
Beanies of My Heart
A common sentiment among Collectors!
79 st. w x 80 st. h
Beanies of my Heart
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If you see a design you want to stitch, ask your Local Needlework Shop to contact me. Otherwise, check out my listing of Needlework Shops, as I sell only wholesale.
To contact me by email click HERE.
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