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Charted Canvas is becoming one of my favorite needlework techniques. The intricacy of the stitches and the exotic threads which can be utilized with this method of notation are very liberating for the designer. The unlimited scope of subject matter is also wonderful.

As you look at my designs, you'll see how I have tried to break away from the same old, same old *Geometrics*. ;-)

These also available as Partially Painted Canvas with black and white Stitch Guide. If you prefer Painted Canvas... the way to go!!!!

The Masquerade Collection
Here is The Masquerade Collection!
Each design is 84 stitches x 84 stitches. Perfect to fit into its custom painted Display Box with a 5" square opening (there is a 3 thread unstitched border when displayed this way).
Wearing either a Carnival Mask or large Sunglasses, all of the Ladies have extravagant Hair and are elegantly dressed. (Can you tell that I am having a Bad Hair Life?) They are wearing iridescent white makeup and bright lipstick.
They utilize a variety of stitches and glitzy threads but can be stitched quickly. (I can stitch one completely, in a weekend, the downside is that you might have to forego hosework to get it done.... oh! wait! .... maybe that isn't a downside... *Wicked, Evil Grin*)
The Charts provided are thorough and comprehensive..

... and for those who don't like to count, these designs are also available as Hand Painted Canvas with Stitch Guides!
Click HERE for Hand Painted Canvas versions!

Red, White, and Blue
A sophisticated spin on a Patriotic theme.
RedWhiteandBlueWebOpti.jpg (26356 bytes)
Click on picture to see larger image.

Santa's Helper
She looks very saucy in her faux fur trimmed hat!
Note: She is 90 stitches by 90 stitches.
SantaHelperOpti.jpg (22369 bytes)
Click on picture to see larger image.

Blue and Purple Sunglasses
She's lovely to look at AND quick to stitch!
Blue and Purple Sunglasses
Click on Image to see larger version.

Green Gloves
Her elegant gloves contrast with her striking copper hair.
Green Gloves
Click on Image to see larger version.

Apple and Hearts
Perfect for a Valentine present or for a Teacher!
Apple and Hearts
Click on Image to see larger version.

Celebration Cake
A cake for all occasions! 
CelebrationCakeCoverWebOpti.jpg (26248 bytes)
Click on Image to see larger version.

Turquoise Tresses
Colorful and contemporary!
Turquoise Tresses

Click on picture to see larger image.

Going Batty
A different take for you Halloween Lovers!

The Boudoir Collection
If you want to add some much needed glamour into your life, take a look at these!

Lip Service
I firmly believe that the right color lipstick can change one's life (even though I rarely wear it!). The Husband just laughs when I get back from a late night foray to the cosmetic counter of our local discount store. This design is an Homage to that belief. Threads include Trebizond Silk, Silk and Ivory, Kreinik braid and Tiara.

Click on image to see a larger version.

Finger Paint
The companion piece to Lip Service, this design uses the same Threads and Stitches with the addition of a couple more to create the Nail Polish brushes. I see this lovely pair of designs in an elegant Powder Room or Boudoir.

Click on image to see a larger version.

is a charming suite of designs, featuring the luminous, colorful Spring II thread from Needle Necessities. The intricate texture of the Woven Stitch belies its low degree of difficulty. The three designs work equally well together or individually and are stunning whether framed or inset into Sudberry boxes. Each of the two single rose designs has a finished size of 3 " x 3 ", perfect for the top of the Sudberry Petite Box. The three rose design will fit into a 5" x 5" Sudberry Box. The stitches used are the Woven Stitch, Tent Stitch, Continental Stitch over 2 and the French Knot.

Louise's Rose Garden

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