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for Free Designs

Free Chart Archives 2
Here are FREE CHARTS for Cross Stitch and Needlepoint.

One of my most exciting moments was when a fellow designer, Teresa, of Duo Designs, told me that she wore one of my Pin of the Month Designs to a Guild meeting and another member came up to her and asked "What month is that?" I was thrilled to learn that Stitchers are so knowledgeable about these Designs!

I hope that you will enjoy stitching these Free Charts as much as I enjoyed designing them! It is possible that these pages may take a long time to load. I have tried to minimize the problems and ask you to be patient.

Pin/Ornament of the Month
DECEMBER Pin of the Month
Click on each Pin to see a Larger Version!

DecGreenOpti.jpg (19696 bytes)

DecMultiOpti.jpg (20259 bytes)

DecRedMulti.jpg (20526 bytes)

The Pin of the Month is a feature designed to develop a Stitcher's knowledge of Threads, Basic Bead Embellishment, Color, and Design Improvisation.
Feel free to choose and change colors and Threads to suit yourself.
Experimentation will help build YOUR Design Skills and add to the excitement and creativity of each Month's Project.

Click HERE to to get to the Pin of the Month page with pictures and general instructions, as well as links to all of the specific charts.

Click HERE to get to the Pin of the Month Gallery which shows Past and Present Designs with links to their Charts!

Check out the Stitchers' Gallery featuring Stitchers' Interpretations of these Designs! Better yet send or email Pictures of YOUR Creations and show off YOUR Creativity!

bestofnet00jun.gif (2416 bytes)

Beaded Stitch Counters
Rated Best of the Net June 2000

These lovely beaded accessories make great gifts for stitching friends. I was inspired by the article on them in the March/April 2000 issue of Needlepoint Now.

Thank you, Bev Winters, for introducing me to such a beautiful and useful new Stitching Toy!
Click HERE to see them.

*Mother* Scissors Case
This quick chart features the Seasons Alphabet. It uses 2 color of floss (I used my Mom's favorite yellow along with green) and is designed to fit in a lovely Scissors Case from Moss Creek, available from your LNS. I'm also gave Mom the matching Needlecase.
Mother.jpg (13779 bytes)

Click on the Picture to see a larger version.

A Chart for *FATHER* is also graphed for the same box, perfect for holding Dad's *Important Stuff*.

Click HERE to get to the Free Charts.

April Showers Bring May Flowers
This is the first Design in my new line of Small Samplers.
Click HERE to see the other Designs.
Click HERE to get the April Showers Free Chart.

April Showers
Click on image to see larger version.

bestofnet00jun.gif (2416 bytes)

Americana18 Alphabet
Rated Best of the Net June 2000

Needlework Alphabets
Check out BOTH Americana18
and Seasons16
Appropriate for any Needlework or Charted Craft!

These Alphabets are included in the 40 Alphabets featured in my Book,
ALPHABETS- Elegant and Unusual, available at your Local Needlework Shop!

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