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About Tink and TB-DN

It has been about 9 years since I asked the now famous question, "What's needlepoint?"

I have been having a blast learning all about Needlework Techniques and now Quilting, running my own business, being able to design ALL of the time and meeting Stitchers and Quilters thru the magic of the Electronic age!

I have a Master's of Fine Arts in Scene Design from Virginia Commonwealth University so I am in the unusual position of having formal design training but little previous experience with Needlework and Quilting. This is the opposite of many talented designers who come from a strong stitching background with not much formal design training.

I am finding that I love the challenge of running my business almost as much as the designing and stitching. Jeffrey is very much a full partner in the business and we enjoy the time we spend together working. We have weekly *TB-DN Executive Board Meetings* at the local B-B-Q.

I am just starting to offer Online Workshops for Professional Development in Needlework and Quilting and may expand into topics for quilters and stitchers.  ;-)

Jeffrey and I have our beloved staff Mastiffs, pictured below.

The Staff of TB-DN

Jeffrey, Mam'selle, Guido, and Tink.

The jacket that I am wearing in the Staff photo is one I made to wear to the trade shows. It is made out of vintage Kimono scraps.

Jeffrey is a Costume Designer and Professor at Eastern Kentucky University. We all live together in a large almost 100 year old house in downtown Richmond, KY.

I was honored to be a Featured Designer at the Craftsmen's Studio Website a while ago. I really enjoyed the interview questions that Mary Catherine asked. To see this interview, click HERE and  a new window will open.

As part of my quest for information about the Needlearts, I discovered 2 wonderful organizations: the American Needlepoint Guild and the Embroiderer's Guild of America. I highly recommend joining them. Both Guilds have Members-at-Large programs, should there not be a Chapter near you.

As I entered the Quilting world, my primary resource was Quilt University. QU offers EXCELLENT classes in an easy to understand format at great prices. Click here http://quiltuniversity.com/ to visit QU!

In my online research, I discovered a wonderful source of information called the Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet by Corey Rudl. My $ are tight with everything going into TB-DN and I was concerned about such a large (for me) expenditure. Well, the course arrived (all 500+ pages) and I started reading.

I was designing an eCommerce web site for a Needlework Shop at the time and within the first 5 pages of the course, I had enough valuable information  to cause me to reorganize the site! The rest of the course has been just as invaluable and I find myself referring to it regularly. I purchased updates of the course since then, I feel so strongly about it!

If you do plan to go into eBusiness of any kind or if you want to but don't know what you want to do - spend the money on this course and save yourself thousands in mistakes!

At the very least, sign up for the Free Newsletter and prepare to learn from someone who is actually making $$$ on the Internet - What a radical concept!

I found myself devouring the course - which is easy to do since Corey's writing style is so easy to comprehend. It has been an incredibly valuable resource to me and opened a world of Needlework related business opportunities to me. Since the principles are SO fundamental, you can apply them to any Industry!

My biggest problem has been finding space on my cluttered desk for 2 huge binders and the third one I've started to hold the additional information I've been sent!


Any comments or suggestions regarding my site would be welcomed/greatly appreciated.

My email address is:

 Tink Boord-Dill Needlework
 PO Box 1046
 Richmond, KY 40476-1046
 Fax (859)623-5566
Please support your Needlework and Quilt designers and Retail Shops by not making copies yourself or accepting copies of any copyrighted designs, instructions, photos or books. Thank you.

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