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THE PILLOW COLLECTION 7 - Hand Painted Canvas
Pillows are among the most popular items to needlepoint and they add such variety and elegance to any decor. (I don't display any of mine at home because my full time staff members, discussed in Personal Notes, pulls them down to the floor to sleep on!  And Mams'elle has been caught eating the buttons off, as well! YIKES!) I tend to go wild with ideas and I hope you'll enjoy what you see.

Click on each Design to see a larger version.

All Dressed Up
Designed in honor of my friend, David.
14" x 14" on 13 ct.
(Also available in The Petite Collection.)
All Dressed Up - large

Chivalry - Left

These would look great in a Home Office!
14" x 14" on 13 ct.
(Also available in The Petite Collection.)

Chivalry - Right
These were designed for Jeffrey. Maybe I can convince him to do a decorative stitch background.
14" x 14" on 13 ct.
(Also available in The Petite Collection.)

I hope you enjoy stitching these charming Siamese cats.
14" x 14" on 13 ct.
(Also available in The Petite Collection.)
Mousetrap - large

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