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Pin/Ornament of the Month -
General Instructions
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Pin of the Month Gallery - Past and Present Designs with links to their Charts!

Check out the Stitchers' Gallery featuring Stitchers' Interpretations of these Designs! Better yet send or email Pictures of YOUR Creations and show off YOUR Creativity!

Check out the beautiful Beaded Stitch Counters.

Smyrna Cross Border found further down on this page.

Each month is a different  Pin/Ornament. I saw each design as an opportunity to explore different Threads and Color Combinations as well as experimenting with Beading Effects. When possible, I've shown several versions of each design. Along the way I have included suggestions/hints to enhance the design. Look for Tink TIPS and remember these can also be applied to other Stitching Projects!

I have recently discovered the joys of Thread Heaven and I can't recommend it enough! The Thread Heaven folks suggest having 2, one for light threads and the other for dark threads. Since I am stitching with Metallics almost exclusively these days, I have added a third which I reserve for Metallics and Sparkle Threads. Let me tell you, my frustration level has dropped dramatically. Thread Heaven really makes Thread work and play well! Additionally, Thread Heaven acts as a conditioner to greatly extend the life of your threads.Thread Heaven should be available at your LNS. PS- I am not affiliated with the company, I am just a VERY satisfied customer!

In an effort to make the diagrams more clear, I have chosen colors with maximum variation and have NOT used the colors called for in the design (i.e.: the Smyrna Border is red on the Chart but not red in the Design). Please read the Design Instructions to know what thread and what color is ACTUALLY used for each Design.

I have imposed a common format with all of the designs starting with a border of Smyrna Cross Stitches, 14 per side. The elements of a common border and size serve to emphasize the differences that evolve with an exploration of Design, Color and Central Motif. The Chart for the Smyrna Border is on this page along with Stitching Tips which apply to all of the Pins in this Series.

Because Beads vary so much, I'll give general description of what I've used and let you Stitchers go wild!

As I've gotten up to speed, I've noticed that stitching time for a Pin is about 3 hours with beading time added after that. I tend to stitch 6 Pins per sheet of plastic canvas (8"x11") and wait until they are all stitched before beading them. Doing this minimizes the problem of having the threads of one Pin catch on the Beads of another.

I've gotten most of my Threads from my LNS, M's Canvashouse and I am keeping them together as a sort of Mini-stash! I have moved up from zip lock bags to Plano tackle boxes divided into 3 categories:  Sparkle Threads in Warm Colors and Cool Colors and Non-Sparkle Threads. Since most of the designs use only a portion of a thread package, I'm finding that my Stash is fairly long lasting.

I currently have my beads in 3 Plano tackle boxes divided by Color Families: Warm, Cool and Neutral. Since I have just started beading, I have a wide variety of basic beads but I am still building a stash of what I call Accent Beads.

Chart for Smyrna Cross Stitch Border

SmyrnaBorder.jpg (22205 bytes)

NOTE: Each square is a HOLE in the Plastic Canvas.


Stitch the Smyrna Cross Border first and you'll find it much easier to place the central elements correctly.

Six pins will fit easily on a sheet of plastic canvas (8x11).

Be sure to leave enough space around the edges of the sheet and between the pins so that you can stitch comfortably.

Double check the Instructions to tell which Thread or which Color is used. Chart Color are NOT indicative of the Design Colors.

Thread Heaven will tame Metallics and I now use it on everything.

When working with Plastic Canvas, I find it helps if I remember that each square of the chart represents a HOLE in the Plastic Canvas.

Smyrna Cross Stitch Diagram

SmynaCross.gif (5260 bytes)


This Smyrna Cross Diagram is drawn to represent the order of stitching for a typical Smyrna Cross Stitch. I have found that by changing the order of the individual stitches (legs) forming the Smyrna Cross, I can manipulate the look and effect of the stitch.

Design Suggestions:

Suggestion 1:
When working with Sparkling Threads (Tiara, FyreWerks, Kreinik Braid) alternating the direction of the final leg of the stitch from that of the Smyrna Cross next to it (such as between horizontal and vertical) will give the stitches more sparkle.

Suggestion 2:
When working with Variegated Threads in a Border, I make sure that the final leg of a stitch is at right angles to the side that stitch is on.
Along the Top and Bottom Borders, the final leg would be Vertical and along the Right and Left Sides it would be Horizontal.
I make the Corner Stitches transitional by putting Diagonal Stitches on the Top. The Top Right and Bottom Left Stitches have their final legs going like this - / and the Top Left and Bottom Right like this - \. The change in direction of the Corners brings the focus to the center of that Border.

  Pin of the Month Gallery - Past and Present Designs with links to their Charts!

Check out the Stitchers' Gallery featuring Stitchers' Interpretations of these Designs! Better yet send or email Pictures of YOUR Creations and show off YOUR Creativity!

Check out the beautiful Beaded Stitch Counters.

Smyrna Cross Border found further up on this page.

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