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Tink's Applique Alphabet Books and More!

The NEWEST Volumes!
Tink's Applique Alphabets, Vol 3-5


My Applique Alphabet books come in two versions: print and CD. They are carried by most of the major quilt distributors and can be purchased from your LQS!

Each Volume has 3 Alphabets, upper AND lower case, designed for 6" blocks. I have included reference lines for centering the letters in the blocks and for planning vertical columns of text as in a banner. Each letter also has a base line reference to be used when designing horizontal lines of text to write out a message, poem, or whatever. Seam allowances of 1/4" are drafted for the 6" blocks. In addition, instructions are given for enlarging the letters to fit into 9" and 12" blocks, along with the necessary reference blocks for those sizes.

In the CDs, each letter is an individual PDF file. This means that the 6" block size can be printed directly onto freezer paper with an inkjet printer, avoiding many of the tedious tracing steps.

These Alphabets can be used for banners, signs, monograms... any kind of personalizing!

Click on each book cover to see details!

Tinkís Applique Alphabets - Volume 1

Alphabet 1/Classic Style - WORL-SERIF is a classic serif alphabet... always in style and always appropriate!
Alphabet 2/Graphic Style - LINDEN is an attractive alphabet with a strong sense of style. Its graphic look is appropriate in a variety of applications!
Alphabet 3/Decorative Style - EDIE is a graceful alphabet in the Nouveau mode. Its lovely lines will add an elegant look to any applique!
Tinkís Applique Alphabets - Volume 2

Alphabet 1/Classic Style - BIG AND BOLD is a classic sans-serif alphabet... always appropriate. Itís blocky style really makes an impact!
Alphabet 2/Graphic Style - ALASSE has a strongly contemporary appeal. With itís forward attitude, it is perfect for the young AND young at heart!
Alphabet 3/Decorative Style - LADY PAM has a script-like appearance. Timeless in feel, it gives a romantic, feminine option.
Tinkís Applique Alphabets - Volume 3

Alphabet 1/Classic Style - CENTENNIAL, a sans-serif alphabet with an elegant look. Its tailored qualities make it an excellent choice in a variety of design situations.
Alphabet 2/Graphic Style - COMPUTER has a fun and funky feel with a universal appeal in this computer age!
Alphabet 3/Decorative Style - JENNIFER offers a graceful, sweeping, and delicate sensibility with a feminine touch.
Tinkís Applique Alphabets - Volume 4

Alphabet 1/Classic Style - HANDBILL, a solid, reliable serif alphabet, perfect for making easy to read, declarative statements.
Alphabet 2/Graphic Style - MOTORCITY, with its retro feel, is perfect for a vintage look or classic automotive motif.
Alphabet 3/Decorative Style - CALLIE is a flowing and decorative alphabet. It creates a lovely movement and can be used to guide the eye through a design.
Tinkís Applique Alphabets - Volume 5

Alphabet 1/Classic Style - ROMULUS, a serif alphabet with a graceful twist. Elegant and with a delicate flair, it will enhance many design styles.
Alphabet 2/Graphic Style - EXOTIC gives a MacIntosh take on the Arts and Crafts tradition. Its clean, sculptural lines can create an historic or contemporary look.
Alphabet 3/Decorative Style - KNICKIE is an intriguing and appealing alphabet with an interesting appearance, yet easy to read!

Please visit your LQS to find these books.

Retailers may contact me directly or order from my distributors:
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