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Painted Canvas with Stitch Guides

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One of the fastest growing styles of Needlepoint is Painted Canvas with Stitch Guide. This style consists of a Painted Canvas which is sold WITH a detailed Stitch Guide explaining how to recreate the look of the original model using the same Threads and Decorative Stitches. A good Stitch Guide leads the stitcher thru the process step by step and can be a very valuable learning experience.

The Fandango Collection
is the NEWEST in my Painted Canvas with Stitch Guide Line. These designs are also available as Charted Canvas.

Click HERE to visit The Fandango Collection and see Needlework for Personal Adornment.

Tiny Treasures in Painted Canvas
is a NEW Category in my Painted Canvas Line. These Designs can be finished as Pendants using my Pendant Pal and Heavenly Hanger Hardware, available at your LNS.

TTTootieFruitieAug2002WebOpti.jpg (14199 bytes)
Tootie Frootiehat, is one of Tink's Hat Pins, with a detailed Stitch Guide by Joyce Marshall. Stitches showcased include Tent Stitch, Pearl Stitch, Lazy Daisy Stitch, Woven Spider Stitch, French Knots, Rosette Chain Stitch, Tied Diagonal, Needlewoven Picots, and Darning Stitch.

The First of Tink's Tiny Treasures are Tink's Hat Pins, Tink's Slumber Party and Tink's Diaper Pins. These Girls are available as Painted Canvas with Stitch Guide OR Charted for Canvas or Cross Stitch.
Click HERE to see Tink's Tiny Treasures!

Also available in the Painted Canvas with Stitch Guide format are The Shady Ladies. Click HERE to see these Beauteous Babes!

I have recently converted some of my Charted Canvas Designs into Partially Painted Canvas with Black and White Stitch Guides. This means that enough of the Design has been painted to eliminate most of the tedious counting. Click HERE to see these Dramatic Designs.

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