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When I started to learn to quilt, I attended Quilt University and was able to experience first hand what a great leaning opportunity well organized online classes can be. I still take classes at QU whenever I have the time and I ALWAYS recommend QU for those wishing to advance their quilting skills. Carol Miller does a WONDERFUL job! *VBG*

In addition, one
of the greatest joys of my professional career in Needlework has been the opportunity to teach classes at the Needlework Trade Shows.

I created my Trade Show classes for Needlework Retailers, calling upon my eclectic and extensive background on the web, with marketing, and in  design. I REALLY enjoy giving the classes, and I am happy to say, with enrollment of 30-40 per class, my students seem to enjoy them as well! 

Juggling many exciting
ideas for other useful classes, it became obvious that many of the topics I wished to teach could not be adequately covered in a three hour class.

Taking inspiration from my experiences with Quilt University, I added some new ideas on presentation, to better meet the needs of my students.

My Online Workshops are held in special Yahoo Groups which allow class interaction. Enrollment is kept small, 6-10 per Workshop. The Workshops are held over several days or weeks. The length of time and the frequency of classes differs according to the subject matter.

Emails with lessons and homework assignments arrive in your email box on a regular schedule. Homework assignments are given with each lesson. It takes at least an hour a day to complete the homework, but the lessons are scheduled with the students' work schedule in mind.

The lessons are provided in PDF format for easy organization. The homework assignments are in email format so that completed assignments can be sent to the Group easily. Class participants see each others' work, and the Workshop format offers us brainstorming opportunities along with student interaction.


Any comments or suggestions regarding my site would be welcomed/greatly appreciated.

My email address is:

 Tink Boord-Dill Needlework
 PO Box 1046
 Richmond, KY 40476-1046
 Fax (859)623-5566
Please support your Needlework and Quilt designers and Retail Shops by not making copies yourself or accepting copies of any copyrighted designs, instructions, photos or books. Thank you.

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